The Italian island of Sardinia has more than six times as many centenarians as the mainland and ten times as many as North America. Why? According to psychologist Susan Pinker, it's not a sunny disposition or a low-fat, gluten-free diet that keeps the islanders alive so long - it's their emphasis on close personal relationships and face-to-face interactions. Learn more about super longevity as Pinker explains what it takes to live to 100 and beyond. What are your regular practices for happy, healthy living and better aging?


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  • Explore in-depth Susan's research about how it takes a village to live a full, happy and long life.
  • Learn how the opposite of connection, isolation can affect your life.
  • Pause and greet each being, human and non-human, you cross paths with today. Honor the genuine in each and every living thing you encounter. It's better for your lifespan than a flu shot.

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