This short film about self love by Hannah Grace animates a feeling of unworthiness that many of us have had at some point or another - or maybe most of the time - but we don't admit it to anyone. This simple and beautiful movie shows how destructive negative messages may become. We can absorb so many unhealthy messages from childhood that end up being reinforced by social media and more. Soon we are chained to an image of ourselves that isn't true yet feels so real. As we love the child deep within as no one else can, we can discover the freedom to be our true self.


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  • Patricia

    What an easy-to-understand story regarding the simple yet powerful path to free ourselves from so much. Congrats to Hannah and her team for creating this lovely animation. I've already shared it in a couple of spaces.

  • Ashima

    This film perfectly depicts my life and inner narrative. I felt like the production team was creating this based on me. But they weren’t. Which tells me there’s so many people like me. I’m not alone and they’re not alone. There’s solace in knowing that. The work to undo years of neglect and suffering is long one. But a necessary one. Words matter.


    Words are so powerful. Even when asked for advice or reaction our selection has to be careful since well meaning criticism and cautioning is always taken the wrong way. Your mom or dad are probably worried about your future and want you o have a steady and secure job since they either have one or do not and fear being unable to provide. The words of honesty that your drawing isn't very good might be to tell you not to waste your time pursuing art as a career but they were not an expert in art and it isn't the talent you have at 5 years old. Persaverance and training let you make a video and showcase how feelings push you down certain paths: to avoid failure to smother risk taking. I didn't really relate to being told this since I was always encouraged and told that I had to apply myself. So I didn't really connect with the woman in the short. We all have different paths. My journey has even more of seeing that my honest words make others cry. Think that judge on X factor who says you will never be a singer. We all hate the master chef Ramsey telling us our cooking is "shit" but sometimes that is what it takes to learn our food needs to be tasted and flavored.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for this,powerful message. As a survivor of bullying and abuse, I'm grateful to now be a Narrative Therapy Practitioner in service to people as we journey to explore the many external messages which impact how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. Together we journey towards a preferred story of skills used to survive and to seeing and knowing one's value.♡ Forever grateful to all those who saw glimmers of wortkrh in me so I could see it too.

  • ubong Eyo

    The limiting thoughts of who we are, which has been shaped overtime by the influx of messages from our parents, the society, the media etc., only keeps us bound in chains and indeed limits us.

  • Cosima

    Thank you, this film speaks to me on so many levels and I am grateful to not be alone with this kind of experience.

  • Cynthia

    Thank you. I needed a reminder. ❤️

  • Eric

    So deeply moving! Thank you!

  • Claire

    I think this matters from two perspectives: First, we need to love ourselves and get rid of those chains we’ve let others (and ourselves) hang around our neck. For me, that took a wise therapist when I was well into my adult years. I can also attest to believing I could “fake it until I could make it” — which helped me believe I could make it — as a sound strategy. Second, we need to always be kind and compassionate and to monitor our words and actions to be sure they say the same thing. If we do that often enough, it makes its way into our hearts where it becomes part of our true selves.

  • Gabriela

    what a powerful video. It is so true and most of the times we carry those chains all our life until something happen and we start to cut link by link. I am 64 years old and I am still working on self worth. Thanks

  • Patrick Watters

    Powerful and troubling for those of us who know and have experienced it, yet somehow there is hope and light. Love others and let them know they’re worthy of it.

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  • How can we love ourselves better? Here are 11 suggestions for practicing self love that require only an investment of time in yourself. 
  • Respond to these questions and discover something new about who you are.
  • Do at least one thing today that nurtures self-worth and self-compassion. When we do this, kindness can spill over into the world around us. Be that change you wish to see in the world. 

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