What can the new moon place into your empty and waiting hands? Find out in this imaginative story of young Jay Jay and his mother Edie. Their inner city dreams are illuminated by the New Moon accompanied by the magic of Aretha Franklin playing on a summer's eve on a transistor radio in a backyard in West Philadelphia.


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  • joyce

    memories and visions of new moons

  • Patrick Watters

    DeeLIGHTfull 🥰👍🏽

  • Jen

    Captivating from the very beginning. As a 74 year old white woman, it doesnt matter. I was and am enthralled, emotional and hopeful. Thank you for this reminder that beauty is found in music, the simplicity of nature and from memories. (and the reminder of KBLX where we listened to the Quiet Storm)

  • Nancy

    So beyond incredible. It was a privilege to watch this. I open my almost empty pocket book and know with my hands- open to new money - new dreams - new experiences... Wish upon a star wish upon a dream -shining star for you to see what you can be. Keep a song in your heart always find your way. And dear Aretha...this is the best!!! I am weeping with Joy. I AM BREATHING EASIER. SO GRATEFUL.

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  • Learn about the ritual of the new moon Rosh Chodesh in the Jewish faith.
  • Explore other new moon meanings.
  • What dreams and longings whisper in your heart? Go outside tonight, open both your heart and your hands to the light of the moon. Let her fill your soul with light.

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