Mark Hobson is a Canadian artist who has worked from his dream studio for many years, floating on the waters of the Clayoquot Sound. He has pursued his lifelong passion for the land and waterways where he lives by painting them and writing about them daily in his journals, creating a visual and written history of the breathtaking natural world that has captured his imagination from childhood. Let the wildlife and landscapes of the Canadian Pacific coast nourish you as you watch this video.


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  • HCarol Schmidt

    To return to my painting this week. To continue to Tangle(Zentangle Art).

  • Thi

    i''m Vietnamese. I know alittle English so I can't follow you. Can you give me subtitle to us follow your videos. Thank you very much!!!

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  • Learn more about Mark Hobson and his nature-inspired creations. 
  • Explore more of Mark's life story and his commitment to the natural world as well as to his community. 
  • What passion of yours was sparked in childhood like Mark's was? How do you nourish that passion today?

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