Borth devastating and joyful, this film explores the darkest depths of humanity as well as the deepest joys in facing the truths hidden in our souls. This documentary carefully tells the story of a former Marine with P.T.S.D. who planned to attack Muslims at a mosque in Indiana—until an unexpected encounter with faith caused the would-be assasin to have a change of heart that was lifechanging. Josh Seftel’s documentary “Stranger at the Gate” tells the story of a man who was consumed by fear and hate and felt his only way to cope was to kill those he feared. This beautiful film has inspired many to examine their own biases to discover what it is that makes us all human and how we may reach out to those who hate us. "Stranger at the Gate" offers hope that by having compassion and becoming neighbors to one another, it is possible that we may create a better world together.


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  • Kathleen

    The power of simple kindness.

  • Johanna van Gelder

    It reinforced the practice to come from love in all I do. I'll never know what difference it will make.

  • Kathleen Kiefer

    WOW!!! This is fantastic! The editing is superb. Most of all - it is authentic - I could write many superlatives. Main thing - this sweet little film needs to be shared everywhere. Bravo to the filmmakers, the producers, the director - to The New Yorker. It shines a light on what it means to be human - the world needs these stories more than ever.

  • Admin

    Thank you all for your comments! Margaret - KarmaTube does have a video on the Human Library. You can see it here:

  • Margaret

    Instead of looking at the "enemy" as a military target, he was able to see them as people. By welcoming him with open arms, and without judgement he was able to experience the healing power of love. The project, The Human Library, attempts to breakdown barriers as well. Would love Karma Tube to offer a video about that project because it could be developed anywhere.

  • Nadine

    Very powerful - this is the sort of things we all need to watch. Love.... is everything.

  • Casoul

    A Profound insight into the true Christ Consciousness; Muslims believe in Christ…the Truth shall set us free…”In” “Sight” into the global military mindset; Revelation of the Heart and Soul

  • Gabriela

    Thank you for sharing this film. I wish more are able to see it and understad that being different doesn't mean we are bad and evil.

  • Patrick Watters

    Powerful, deeply needed, ultimately healing…

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  • Listen to another story of a man who convinced KKK members to give up their hate. 
  • Learn about more ways to spread love in the world. 
  • Honestly consider what group you are biased against and what small act of kindness might create a bridge of understanding for your common humanity to be nurtured. 

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