Julia Butterfly Hill, famous for living in an ancient Redwood tree for two years to prevent its being cut down, asks: "What is your tree?" What in your life calls for you to be bigger than you thought possible?


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  • Goldie

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  • docus786

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  • donal

    FRIENDS OF GLENART...can we stand idly by and watch as our natural heritage disappears before our very eyes? What you see befor eyou is a beautiful hardwood scrubland, teeming with flora and fauna. However,as you can see, this fragile and delicate ecosystem is soon to be turned into a concrete jungle, which will decimate our woodlands and adversly affect the quality of all our lives. Hazel and the nobel Oak will be replaced by a maze of roadways,walls and buildings. Here, the peerless song of the merle will be heard no more, the bright colours of the goldfinch will be seen no more and the playful flutter of the butterfly will be a thing of the past. No, we are not opposed to development per se, but common sense alone will tell you that this is the domain of the lesser brethren of the forest. Dear friendsof Glenart, it would be reprehensible of us to allow this to happen without taking a firm stance on this most important issue and voicing our collective concerns and objections to our local representatives and TDs. Glenart is one of the few remaining natural amenities and public walkways belonging to the people of Arklow and is currently enjoyed by the young and not-so-young alike. So it is important to remember that once this nine acre wonderland is gone, it is gone for ever. let us protect our natural heritage, not just for ourselves and our children but also for future generations. FRIENDS OF GLENART band together, for there is strength in unity and numbers.Talk,vote, act peacefully,Now. Save our heritage,save our woodlands. Before it's too late. As you can see it's becoming a universal problem!

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