After singing to a friend who lay in a coma with AIDS in 1990, Kate Munger realized this would be her life's work. Then in August 1997, while driving back home from Montana, she committed herself to sing for any animals she encountered who'd been killed on the road. Based on the inspiration of those two events, Munger started the Threshold Choir--a small, volunteer-run choir that sings to terminally ill and dying people. "The most touching response was when a woman mouthed the word, 'WON-DER-FUL.' That was the last time she communicated with her family," Munger says.


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  • Rania Trulley

    This is very much like the group I used to sing with in NW AR. My voice quality is not as good as it was, but I am inspired by this video to perhaps sing sacred song again. I seek my niche. I know it exists, but I have always felt eluded from it.

  • Erica McKeown

    I have sung in choral groups all my life, and I am presently a hospice volunteer. I spend the time with my patient singing to her. I intend to sing to all of those who follow. This video is overwhelmingly beautiful, and I would love to be involved in such a holy endeavor.

  • rhonda

    the voices and harmony are wonderful, and the songs so appropriate

  • Penelope

    I sing with the Threshold Choir in Santa Bsrbara, and I am making a documentary about the work of the choirs. You can see more clips of our music at: and and and For more information about the Threshold Choir, the national website

  • Mary

    Loved everything about it! This is such important work. I also urge everyone to listen to blues singer, Kelly Hunt, sing the song "Stronger Wings" - written for her mother.

  • Jenny

    I was privileged to have some significant time with my father-in-law during his last days on this side of the veil. I remember sitting next to him and holding his hand giving him peaceful energy. I felt inspired to sing some hymns. While singing "Be Not Afraid" I got my last smile and hand squeeze from him. He was a beautiful and patient man and continues to be spirit energy that stills gifts me with his prescence.

  • Susan

    What inspired you about this video? Thank you, our president needs all of our blessings.

  • Kwame

    what a great way to use your voices.

  • Susan

    I am so deeply touched by the power and beauty of women, of your voices, of your service to others. Women-Circles have been a primary focus of my life for many years and your group is such a validation of the energy brought by women all over this precious planet to each other and those in need. Thank you, thank you, one and all.

  • Dee

    Magnificent - in sound and spirit. I can feel the love, and the gentle, yet profound support from here.

  • Moreen Murray

    A beautiful gift...thank you for your work...I wish that you were there for my mom who passed away last fall, . I am incredibly touched by your contribution to the point of tears. Bless you.

  • Dhara

    What a wonderful way to give...thank you for showing us yet another way to give. Makes me realize that giving is so easy, and there are so many ways, we just have to get more creative. Also, it's so nice that in this group anyone is welcome and trained, whether a great singer or just a good singer, doesn't matter.

  • joan robb

    Thank you i am so moved by what you are doing and how you sound. Today I have cried for the 1st time, for my grandmother who died on the 28th dec 2006 aged 96 years. She was/is a wonderful person and I miss her so much. It was her time to go and do not wish her back to suffer but I also wish she could of had your services to brighten her last few days. I know she was not afraid to die she had such strong faith,and looked forward to being with my grandad and my aunt who she missed very much. Thanks again you are all an inspiration to us all.

  • donalpower

    congratulations-what a truly wonderful way to use your God-given gift of song in the service of others.It's easy to see why certain birds of a feather flock together.

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