What happens when a rocker turns peace activist? You get Michael Franti. "Hey World" is a call to roll up your sleeves, to shake off apathy: "I didn't come here to chill, I came here to rock ... You got to let go of the remote control." Watch an inspiring music video about civic participation, set to the backdrop of Jamaican reggae rhythms of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.


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  • Kathryn Uster

    You give me hope!

  • IsabelC

    Thanks so much for profiling this song and Michael Franti! He is so so awesome! We need a lot more music and lyrics like his, and hard working activist musicians like like him! There is also another version of this song (called Hey World-the Remote Control Version) it's very different and very up beat!

  • supun

    I like how it starts dark and ends up tempo and hopeful.

  • michelle

    Wow an inspiration to us...ALL

  • Marina

    I am here in the same feeling... Gratitude

  • Kevin

    The lyrics are not the same on the Read Lyrics link. In fact they are only similar. Its very very odd.

  • Chandan

    Classic man... We need to get in,engage; contain,repair,rebuild. all of us..we owe that..to us.. ..to future generations Awesome.Shine on..keep rockin'

  • Ron

    Beaufiful..if only human beings would get along how great the world would be.

  • Sarah

    absolutely beautiful & moving..

  • Cathy

    Beautifully done and very inspirational!

  • Roxanne


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  • Read the lyrics to this song, watch more videos by Spearhead and share them with a friend.
  • Learn about the compassionate reason why Michael Franti hasn't worn shoes in a decade.
  • Don't give up on your community, volunteer in your community (elderly care, schools, there's many options).

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