Born with only four fingers and no legs below the knee, 20 year old Hee-ah Lee is an inspiration to all who know her. Although she began playing the piano at age 7 for therapeutical purposes, she has now become a concert pianist! Disfigured since birth, her mother cared for her as if she were perfect and today, she eats, walks and uses the adjusted piano pedals on her own. "You play with your heart and head--not your fingers," Hee-ah says.


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  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! We love you Hee-ah...peace through music friend. Slow n easy steady...thanks for believing in the music and sharing it with others....

  • Sandra

    her positive attitude

  • Rachael

    I did the voice over for this when I lived in Korea!! It is such a beautiful story. I still have the dvd the sound engineer gave me but I cant find it and now i cant even view this on here. If anyone else can't see it, go to youtube....

  • Avinash Iyer

    "It's fun to do what others think is impossible for you": I guess it's true.. Playing a piano with just 4 fingers!! I'm impressed.. :D May God bless her mother for never giving up on her..

  • Rosalind

    I know you are not Christian and I am however I wanted to say,The Lord God who created you and me, says ,Is there anything too hard for me? I think not,since you have shown the amazing treasure we all are .You have such a beautiful mom also..bless you both

  • tobesograteful

    The devotion that her mother has for her daughter is amazing and very touching. May GOD Bless both of them!

  • Sethi

    Awesome . Don't ever give up . That is the learning . Thank you for sharing .

  • Barbara

    this is amazing. you are amazing and it teaches me a lesson, no matter what dissabiliyt you have weither its physical or mental DONT EVER GIVE UP on what you love, thank you so much

  • charie

    WOW! This is such an interesting and inspiring story. The video tells us that nothing is impossible if we are determined to make our dreams come true. She is a blessed one.

  • Harsimran

    hi dear you are amazing..your confidence had proved nothing is are the luckiest person to have a such great mother..she loves you alot... keep going ahead..god bless you :)

  • Kelly Bliss

    This is an amazing woman, as is her mother. They are both inspirations. However, I was disturbed to see that her mother commented on her being fat! This is rediculous. I am appalled to see the Four Fingered Pianist is another casualty of the war on obese people. This horrible prejudice hurts both large and small alike.

  • Lisa

    I think her mother is trying to turn her into something she is not. it's great to see her determination and the mother's belief in her, but I think she needs to know that she is loved just the way she is whether she is a good musician or not. She is still loved! And I really commend the mother for loving her daughter and keeping her despite everyone else's discouragement! :)

  • Nazneen

    Hi Heeah how r u dear...its really great i was just shocked for a minute.I have learned a lot from it.Hope u r go on performing the same in the long run of your life,I wish i could meet you once.You are the luckiest person to have such a great mother. Blue be the Sky above you Soft be the earth below you Love be the breeze around you I wish all happiness surround you. Ok Heeah take care.... ALL THE BEST...

  • Aurelia

    Beautifully done. Mother and daughter are a team. Truly a testimony of mother's love. Your daughter is a gift and you saw that and inspired her to become whatever she wanted. Wishing you both much more happiness and thanks for giving us such beautiful music to listen to.

  • Nayan Mistry

    Hee-ah hi You are doing very critical work but you have power of your back sight something shuold be done work in every moment. In thoght is that, If every mens vision, Will & spirituality Is tobe clear THan they are doing everything. That means Nothing is Impossible, But Everything is Possible. So, everybosy ha na need some power of divine but it will getting to every peaple..... By.......By.......Takecare of health, Have a nice day. & Bless you

  • abibagyaraj

    hee-ah u r a born genius , no words for the feeling i have, u made me cry... ur mother deserves all the praise ,she had proved the world that nothing is imposssible and every child born on earth is precious and special in its ownway. welldone both of u. wishing u both the best of everything in life. takecare dear

  • Jaya

    Hee-ah Lee and mother, you both have excellent talents. Congratulations. Not only music, your sense of humor. Beautiful combination.Keep it up.My blesses to you dear.

  • Oralot

    Hee-ah Lee and mother, you are amazing! Such a will power is an inspiration to mankind. When there is will miricles do happen. Both mother and daughter deserve all the best!

  • Maqsood Ahmed

    Hey, itz a super girl effort, mind blowing Wishing her all the success in future endeavours All my family and frndz are amazed they way u do things take care bye with lotz of luv Maqsood

  • Jardine Jones

    It just goes to show you should never say never, you can't do somethimg. You can always try & see what happens. Well done to both mother & daughter. Keep up all the hard work. Take care god bless love Jardine UK

  • shahbano

    It is really amasing to see such a strong girl,her mother truly deserves a thumb up as she strived a lot to see her daughter so.Wish u all the best.....ShahBano

  • Prajit S Nair

    Excellent!..She proved that there is no word called "impossible" if we have Strong determination and willpower.. Keep it up Hee-ah Lee With Warm Wishes Prajit

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