In this short film, New York Times best-selling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal considers the big questions: what constitutes a meaningful life, who are we, what makes the world go round? Her answer is Kindness.


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  • Gabrielle Boulard

    The simplicity of kindness, humanity, and respect. "Jen" means "human-ness"; "zen" means meditation, Nina.

  • Anne

    Nina - you can look at a sample of the book on Amazon. Zen and Jen are entirely different concepts so there is nothing to be bothered about in the video.

  • Jami

    What inspired you about this video? I enjoyed this short and sweet video. I only had a minute before I needed to leave but really needed some inspiration today, well I found it! Thanks it is just what the doctor ordered. Kindness is contagious so with your help today I will be spreading it! Thanks:)

  • Eric LoMonaco

    I saw this video yesterday. Today in the bagel shop a man in front of me ordered his breakfast, lunch and a cup of coffee. He appreared to work in construction by the appearance of his boots. Unfortunately his credit card was declined for the $11.24. As he left the counter I paid for his food and kindly caught up to him before he left the store. I stated that I belive in random acts of kindness and handed him his order. For the love of mankind, Eric

  • nina

    nice video, but really its Zen, not Jen.. which bothered me the whole time.

  • karthik

    simply beautiful

  • Jen

    YES! Less Cnn, more mozart (or other music) and more kindness. I focus a lot on the negative side of global issues all the time and sometimes I forget that there are other topics in life. Balance is key!

  • Jem

    I love this video...and the message, it touches my heart... BIG THANKS!!!

  • Nancy

    I loved this video and agree wholeheartedly that kindness is the key to a fulfilling life and the path way to listening and understanding each other. Thank you.

  • Dhara

    Recently, these questions have been on my mind, what's the meaning of life, who am I? I loved this video and the message, so beautifully, creatively and meaningfully done. THANK YOU!

  • Gloria

    Amen Amen Amen. Beautifully and thoughtfully done. Amen. I think You will appreciate the Work of Of Barbara Shaiman Greenspan. Living Your Legacy Namaste to you ana all who experience your message herer to day. Check out a Grass Roots Effort I am involved with. It's called Do NO

  • Debbie

    Great Video, both in uniqueness and of course, in message~

  • Knita

    Loved it. Thanks for posting

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  • Watch Amy's inspiring debut short film, which spontaneously brought together hundreds of strangers in Chicago.

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  • Surprise yourself with how creative and unexpected you can be with your small acts of kindness - like this unemployed man who decided to give away money to strangers each day, every day for a year!

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