"I like your jeans." "I like your brown shoes." "Have a nice day!" Don't you love it when someone says something nice about you? Doesn't that brighten your day? Imagine how wonderful your day would be if someone said something nice about you, just because. Brett Westcott and Cameron Brown, also known as The Compliment Guys at Purdue University, are doing exactly that. "When people come up after they've had a bad day and say thanks for a good compliment, that brightens my whole day," says Cameron.


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  • Leslie A. Tessman

    The enthusiasm & sincerity shown by two young confident men as they spread compliments to make people feel good.

  • Maryse

    It makes me feel happy and I had a smile when I looked at those two Young students who want to share their so enthusiastic way or Life.

  • Susan

    It makes me want to be more courageous about speaking to strangers when I notice something I like about them.

  • Colleen

    Made me feel happy

  • Jonathan

    This is so wonderful to hear two students out greeting people and doing something that they love (complementing people). It makes my day!

  • Sue Leistner

    It is nice to bring a smile to someone's face

  • Helen

    Would love to try this - what a great idea.

  • joAnn Baker Paul

    They're just freely pouring the kindness out to EVERYONE - all in abundant confident fun with no attachments!!

  • Joeman

    Watching this makes my heart smile :) I hope everyone who watches this video and reads my comments can find some moments of joy and serenity in each day, in spite of any turmoil or difficulty that may be confronting them in their lives. Namaste to all.

  • Paula Quinones

    The simplicity of happily and generously greeting passerbys with compliments! SuperCool!! Spread the Love!!

  • Deb

    It make me smile and feel happy inside :-)

  • Susan Mary Koehne

    It was wonderful! Everyone needs a pat on the back sometimes! I told a Marquette University nursing student she must be a hard worker! It is great to give & receive compliments!

  • Samanta

    Love it :) I´d like to be part of it!!! Greetings from Argentina ;)

  • meenakshi

    this is amazing..we have just had a very similar campaign initiated across some 70-80 professional and enginnering collages across India earlier this year. It was called the Vastra Samman campaign initiated by students body of IIT khargpur and mentored by GOONJ. The material is reaching the most far flung villages of India. tremdous youth power coming together..Next year plans are to make it bigger going to many more students..Inspiring stuff..it would be great to connect.. don't know who does this but if you know please connect on mailgoonj@gmail.com

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  • The Compliment Guys are successful outside their campus as well. Encourage your friends to watch the video; inspire them to be nice; lead by example. 
  • Consider starting an organization where you reach out to the less fortunate in your area, and let them know that they are also appreciated.
  • Make it a point to say something nice to at least 5 people every day. Be sincere in the compliments - it will make your life richer as well.

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