Popular singer Sarah McLachlan stars in this video, which highlights with graphics and music the normal cost of producing a contemporary video and some alternate ways that money could be spent. For instance, the hair and makeup expenses for a video shoot would cost about $5,000 for a day in Los Angeles. Or, that money could provide a year of schooling for 145 girls in Afghanistan. By the way, this video cost $15 and the bulk of the normal expenses was spent on schools, orphanages and meals in several developing countries.


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  • choclet peye

    WOW! That's totally brilliant. It constantly angers and disgusts me how people can spend so much money on stuff they do not need, normally out of vanity, and mistakenly thinking they need this stuff (advertising is evil). In magazines and newspapers they will have articles about war-torn countries, and then in the style pages show obscenely expensive clothes an home-furnishings. In the 21st century, with all we know about the world, how is it still acceptable to spend $2000 on a handbag, or $600 on a lampbase? If you must, spend $100 on the lamp, and give $500 to someone who needs it. I really hope this video gets this message across to as many people as possible.

  • Darlene

    this is immensely inspiring. I am so glad this was done and communicated in such a powerful way.thankyou for sharing/highlighting it!

  • LM

    inspiring video, I work in corporate communications and I've sent it on to our New Media dept and to our sponsorship dept.

  • megan

    wow, this video is really powerful. i was almost broght to tears watching it. We can all do our part to make the world a better place. Thank you for making this video.

  • Sara

    Beautiful. Powerful. Inspiring. Thank you for making a difference and showing others.

  • sh

    Awesome Job! This is a video I'd actually watch! I hope that people realize that this is what it is all about! You are just amazing!

  • Douglas

    Awesome! What the world needs to know...wake up people!

  • Tegan

    Thankyou for making a change in the world. Inspiring. Imagine if everyone would do something small to help.

  • robin

    Fantastic! Truly inspiring & thought- no, action-provoking. I wish all the celebs would follow suit...

  • Stephanie

    Thank you. I am humbled and impressed.

  • Esther

    What a wonderful gift Sarah McLachlan taught us in this video! Her collegues, I would hope, would do the same. I wish this was aired on tv regularly!

  • Jaime

    If we each did a little...

  • Andy

    Thanks for being the change. I am inspired. May this become an epidemic.

  • Bodhi

    Grrrrrl you rock! This video is awesome! Love, Bodhi

  • Guri

    What an amazing concept!

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