An inspirational film about a group of women in the remote regions of the Andes who share their concerns regarding a drought they have recently experienced. These women soon become politically active and eventually inspire change to improve their living conditions. All of this, of course, starts with one woman's decision to come together as a community in order to play football!


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  • Chris

    So inspiring. The resilience of these women and how they empower themselves gives hope to others.

  • Lorraine

    Truly inspirational. Gives a clear picture of what is happening in Peru and at the same time it is beautiful and powerful. Want as many people as possible to see this and salute these amazing women. Deserves to win an award.

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  • Read this article to learn more about the the struggle that Peruvians face because of global climate change.
  • Sports is a powerful tool to acheive social change. Take a look at how some Changemakers are using sports to better the lives of women and children around the world.
  • Think about ways that you can become more politically active in your community.

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