In celebration of India's 60th year of independence, the Times of India launched an initiative to inspire the search for hidden talents in everyday people. Among the results is this two-minute video, "Tree," which has become an anthem for India--and is a must-see for all of us.


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  • navin sata

    this reminds me story of little girl from village who went to prayer meeting for rain in bad drought with umbrella,she had strong simple faith in prayers ,we all have heard faith can move mountain .same way if we all fight corruption in the world,and follow mahatma gandhi ,swami vivekanand,mother taressa our india will be ideal land to live on this earth

  • N. SadlerArmbruster


  • Cynthia J Wright

    " ... and a little child shall lead them ..." Isaiah 11:6. This video made me cry. Just one kid who believes he can make a difference. Very powerful.

  • Linda O'Donnell

    It only takes one person with determination, to inspire others to become part of the solution to any problem. It truly shows the 'power of 1'. Thank you for sharing.

  • siobhan hall

    It takes but one person to have belief and to try for others to follow to make the changes that this troubled world needs.

  • Lalita Janke

    What inspired you about this video? Awesome reminder to do what ever I can, where ever I am with what ever I have. We can all do our little bit to make things work for someone else. Thanks for sharing.

  • rajesh

    really a very good message of unity

  • cibele dantas

    How beautifull to see people help each other.This little boy it's a good exempl that you u can change this world to be a better place to life, you will.Nice video.I got tears in my eyes.

  • kamala

    Oh, this video made me cry! I hope ppl take it's message seriously. :)

  • debbie

    in the words of an old song: 'it only takes a spark to get a fire going' - fabulous vid!!

  • Monico

    It's powerful how 1 person can make a change! I'm inspired! Thank you!

  • venkatesh

    small ripples make an ocean.everyone doing good to others will invariably become a good society to live in. we should remember the childhood when we had no inhibitions towards anyone and ready to do anywork.need to practice the same even when we get older.

  • Pattabhi Ram


  • Sakeena Mohamed Ali

    Childrens are like angels send by god to tell their fore fathers, that they need to help others..if they need something good for them to be done..they are the change that any country will have..children are incredible i must say..cheers

  • Michelle

    Sweet! Even the smallest of us can initiate change! Anybody know the title/artist of that song! I want it!

  • sharmila

    The power of ONE ...incredible ,isn't it?Please pay it forward !Cheers!

  • choclet peye

    Aww. That was ace. :)

  • Jessica

    can't undestand a word of what is being sung...however the message is clear. Children have an inate ability to lead when given the chance because they see no boundries.

  • Jagmohan Singh

    Indeed a good reminder to we indians to feel the need, come forward, shed inertia and bring about a change

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  • Small acts often ripple out in the world in incredible ways.  Read the story of what happened among unsuspecting restaurant patrons in Los Angeles.  Do something small.
  • Be the change.  Stand up for something you believe in.

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