For six hours each day, Bermuda's Johnny Barnes stands at a busy traffic intersection telling all who pass that he loves them. His delight and sincerity are infectious, and the people of the island love him back. His service is a simple reminder of the power of happiness and loving-kindness to change any day for the better.


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  • Dr Dinesh

    Expression of happiness, unreservedly and without bothering about people's reactions, always makes the world delighted,happy and forgetful of their miseries atleast for the time being.

  • Varda

    Good energy imprints . A life mission to spread joy love kindness.

  • Sandy

    Happiness is a choice. I love his example of happiness.

  • Sandip Sheta

    Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. —M.Gandhi

  • fie

    Every people should be inspired, by others smile so that the vibes scattered.

  • Jovita Barton

    The importance of loving others - it brings sunshine into our lives. He made a difference every single day that he was out there waving and telling people he loves them.

  • Evie

    how he would spend so much time being purely kind to everyone that came past no matter who they were.

  • Vanessa

    How little it is needed to make us loved and happy.

  • Iris Esch-Williams

    We all need to be loved. You have a choice in how you respond to your feelings each day!

  • Savita

    It Is just great.We need lots more of Johnny Barnes,s A little love a little smile takes the tensions away. Thanks for this clip.

  • Shobhana

    I've done this often. Just walking by a long stream of cars waiting to get onto a highway. People are very anxious and bored - I just smile and waving like I know them... and always to my amazement they can't help put smile back and get get their driver to smile too. Try it! Just walk down the street with a big smile on your face. (Think "happy heart - happy Heart" and it won't be a fake smile.) It's a wonderful "Daana" It will make your day too! It probably helps that I am 79 years old.

  • kristof

    If we want love,,,,the only way is through giving it. May all beings be happy.

  • Jean

    It reminded me of when I first went to Laguna Beach, CA. There was a man smiling and waving, at the entrance to town. He became known as The Greeter. I always looked for him.

  • LaNita

    He's right all we need is love and to be kind to one another. What an inspiration. Peace, Love and Happiness!

  • Patty

    That was beautiful! We need more like him and we need to all follow his message. Peace and Love to all!

  • Balder Kim Ulv Fürst

    He is my inspiration and the loving reason that I try to spread happiness to others, like he did . From all of my heart....Thank you Johnny....and thank you to all who made this video <3 <3

  • Mary

    An can't be "too nice..." and one person can make a real and lasting difference. As a parent and teacher and human being, I pledge to remember how to spread love like Johnny Barnes. Thank you for this gift today.

  • Steffi

    A story of love we can all learn from. To not hold back and to embrace all people from all walks of lives and just share love and forgiveness. He is a teacher for all time.

  • JGD

    This ten minute video gave a happy start to my day. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kim

    Johnny's pure love for everyone. What a world we would have if everyone learned his lesson that giving love to others can make you as happy as he will always be.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to sharing love! <3 So sweet! Something so simple and yet it makes a difference. <3

  • Sunil

    Wonderful. He did make a difference.

  • Marci

    Never had the pleasure being greeted by him, but he was a blessing...being kind without any expectations of see the positive in a negative and the extraordinary in the ordinary...that is a gift to be shared, appreciated, & is beautiful...hopefully more of us can truly see the beauty in every day like Mr. Johnny Barnes ♥ PL&H

  • Amy Adams

    The energy of Johnny Barnes! A humble and elderly man, slowly making his way to his post to greet everyone passing him by on foot and in vehicles! What a gift! I believe Johnny gave, and he received, and in that spirit, he was able to get to his corner of the world to tell everyone he loved them with his smile and his generous hands! And what a blessing to have the statue of Johnny Barnes there in his place, as his time to leave this earth has come! What a remembrance and lasting tribute!

  • Gae Neill

    The Power of One strikes again! this short film brought a big smile and eventually tears to my eyes - his beautiful energy, warmth and commitment of Johnny Barnes was so personal to everyone who knew him. Now through this beautiful film it is available to the world. A wonderful use of technology, talent and compassion for humankind. This is a joyful way for us all to reflect on what is Really important to everyday people everywhere.


    loving is radiate the hapiness to everybody including animals and all plants.

  • Monica

    When I was growing up, in Southern California, Laguna Beach had the Laguna Greeter. He would stand at the corner and wave as one entered the Laguna Beach area. One day while visiting the area, he wasn't there...I remember feeling very sad and worried. I was told he was ill. It strikes me now how everyone knew of his condition. The next time through he was there again...and now a large statue of him. I hope it is still there delighting those going south! What a gift he was...he had a large impact on hundreds and thousands of peoples moods!!!

  • soumya

    What a DIVINE soul!

  • Germán

    Oh.. the kindness of this man. What an amazing life he seems to be living!

  • Mel

    How wonderful is this :)

  • Karen

    delightful. The impact on so many lives of such constancy in reminding us of the good.

  • aparna

    very simple & small thing matters alot in life.

  • Vinod Patel

    Completely unselfish display of sincere love for humanity!

  • Kitty

    An amazing generous bundle of loving heart that seemed to come from a background of others who forgot to tell Johnny that he was loved by them. May we all catch the spirit and share it.

  • Christian

    Now THAT'S the best way in the world to get a sculpture made after you!

  • Penelope

    Happiness is a choice. What a great person

  • Harjinder

    There is a lot to give.

  • meyo

    we should always see life as happiness there are people that have worse problem than us

  • Janyce

    Absolutely a wonderful man with a loving spirit to share!

  • Mish

    LOVE..... pure & simple..... LOVE. :)))))

  • Edwania

    Johnny Barnes made me smile even more than I normally smile... When God's in your life, you feel and see happiness!!!

  • Gudrun Pantuschky

    Thank you, for this Love in Action! Thank you too much. I'll learn from this action.

  • Abebe

    The only requirement is a big has nothing to do with age, race, sex, money, beauty, is simple and the message is genuine love that comes from the heart

  • Sethu

    Very nice, inspirational video. Enjoyed viewing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Helene

    Thank you for filming this happiness man!

  • Tina

    Thank you for filming this wonderful person and sharing these impressions with the world!

  • Wendell Abbey

    The thing that inspired me is that our heavenly God has given this person the true love that he displayed. Thats what I do all the time from being very religious. The true god Jehovah, really blesses all people who shows love like this person does. Mahalo which means Thank you in Hawaiian.

  • beth


  • Amrat

    Is the LOVE & SMILE... LOVE YOU ALL.....

  • yoseph

    Great Idea! I wish we ha dad a Johnny in our hood! He be great and would fit right in!

  • Teri

    What DIDN'T inspire me about this video?? Johnny Barnes is my hero. WE LOVE YOU TOO JOHNNY BARNES!! Even in WISCONSIN!

  • ursula ayala-rosado

    With all the negativity in this world, it is wonderful to know, that there are still people who cares about others. This mans smile, I am sure give those who pass in his life always a smile when they think about him.

  • Caoline Suzanne

    It doesnt cost anything to smile & work at being happy, what a inspirational lovely man we should all take a leaf out of his book,wish there was more people like Jonny about <3

  • jen


  • Marie

    What the World needs now is needs a kiss or hugg...this is good....

  • Poh Lin

    He's a great example.

  • SmilingCath

    Loving everyone is a wonderful choice, we all have the choice and look at how amazing the world could become, what an amazing person and message. Love to all x

  • GoddessIrena

    "LOve one another as I have loved you"(Jesus said) Peace to all.

  • Woody

    Always know that when given willingly, "Love" is the most powerful gift we each have to give to away. So, Never chase Love, affection or attention from anyone! If it isn't given freely by another person to you, then it truly isn't worth having! Johnny truly has a higher purpose, as expressed so many times in the beautiful comments below! I just hope that in my lifetime, I can give away a fraction of the Love, Happiness & Joy that Johnny continues to do every day.

  • Sheryl

    Love is the gift that keeps on giving...thank you Johnny for radiating light in your corner of the world!

  • Fernando Campos

    El poder del amor es mucho más grande que cualquier carrera de obstaculos.

  • Segolene

    Thank you Johnny and the ones who shared what he does! You are great all!

  • Hope

    To love, love, and keep loving...just watching the video made me feel good:)

  • Jan

    Wish I could see him when I go out.

  • Donna

    He makes me want to be a better person....

  • Terry

    Being happy and loving is my choice.

  • Adelina

    Inspired me to live every day of my life like it's my last day on Earth...

  • Sasha Allenby

    It made me realise what I want to be when I grow up!!!! LOL!!!

  • MC

    To see his purpose in life ... He is living it out! What an inspiration!

  • Tibor

    Simply astonishing. It just makes me sad he's surrounded by all those fumes all the time :/

  • Felicia Shelton

    This was absolutely lovely, and I am inspired to never forget that love and happiness is a choice. Each day you wake up, decide to love, to be loved and be happy, make others happy.

  • Sylvi

    Johnny Barnes you made me cry tears of joy, you made me laugh, you made me love you for who you are and what you are doing. You made me love you ..... and that's what it is all about, isn't it. When someone receives, from the heart, true love from another - love that is given freely with no strings, obligations or limits - it is so much easier to give back that love in return. SPREAD THE LOVE, Mr. Happy Man, and peace be with you. I will try to do the same in my life, and Thank You!

  • Diana Klingenheim

    Such a GREAT man . . . I hope you will live forever !!! Wish you ALL THE BEST ;D<3<3<3

  • margaret

    His love

  • lblaze

    thank you Mr. Happy Man. We need more people like you.

  • Katy Meaby

    It's just lovely seeing someone taking the time and making the effort to do something so simple and yet so profound, which is spread love around to everyone. He could start a worldwide movement called Universal Love. This is what has been missing in the world.

  • Jen

    I saw him in Bermuda, he made me happy.

  • Katrina

    His message just touches everyone who sees him and this video, he's an amazing man giving up his time to spread such a simple but special message. If only there were more Johnny Barnes in the world, what a world it would be. "Keep up the good work Johnny" and hopefully his goodwill will spread.

  • Kepha

    It's beautiful thank you

  • bilkis

    what a wonderful person, it shows how you can spread happiness with simplw gestures and in return you earn hapiness from others and are appreciated

  • Julia

    Well Mr Happy Man of course - his infectious laughter, the filming, and I love his sweetness, because life can be truly sweet if you feel it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Philip

    THE WHOLE THING,,,,,, EVERYTHING,,,, even the film production is great .

  • GailTO

    Johnny's message is simple, his commitment is constant, and he inspires every life he touches. Thank you for sharing the gift of his light.

  • Sara

    Felt my heart opening as I watched. A few tears. Beautiful. Thank you. Love your idea, Rick Brooks. Upbeat television would be fantastic! Write back here and find me?

  • Debbie

    it was beautifuol thank you : )))

  • Bryan

    This man reminded me of Harold.... I stopped at my bank last week to deposit a cheque. I could have used the ATM, but I am so glad that I didn’t because if I had, I probably would not have met Harold. There were 3 or 4 people ahead of me in the line-up, so knowing that it would take a few minutes, I amused myself by simultaneously watching three different cooking and home improvement shows on three wall mounted TVs. There was no sound of course, so I was reading the captioning on each in turn. I was feeling relaxed, calm, not really focused on anything, just waiting my turn. Moments passed. Then, directly in front of me, a tiny elder woman, who was now first in line, started toward one of the tellers stations. It was obvious she was intent on getting her business completed quickly, as she moved forward before the customer had quite finished and she had to step back again. Her backward movement caused my attention to be drawn to the customer directly ahead of us. He was facing the counter and from my position behind him, I could see only his white hair and the bright red team jacket that he wore. I heard him say to the teller in a deep, strong voice… “Have a Great Day!” and the teller, to whom he was speaking replied; “You too Harold – see you next week!” The impatient woman in front of me, again made her move, heading for the wicket Harold was leaving. So intent was she on her task, that she narrowly avoiding bumping into him. As she passed him Harold looked up, directly at me. His eyes seemed to be completely black, clear, bright and piercing and without a moments hesitation he said to me; “You, are a handsome man sir.” I was so surprised by his statement and struck by the genuine warmth and generosity that filled it, I blurted out “why, thank YOU sir” instantly reaching out to shake his hand, not even realizing that he was walking with a cane. He managed to not drop the cane as he switched it to his left hand, taking my hand in his warm, dry and firm grip. His eyes never left mine as he spoke again; “I REALLY care about you!” he said. It happened so fast and as he let go of my hand I saw him reach out to the next person in line and say “I REALLY care about you too!” It barely registered in my mind when I faintly heard the teller to my left say “I can help you here…” As Harold continued down the line greeting each in turn, I dragged myself away to complete my transaction with the young woman who had called me. I was so overcome by his innocent and sincere gift! Simultaneously humbled and exalted by his innocence and compassion. He was like a gregarious 4 year old, who walks up to anyone and everyone, inviting them to play with him. I wondered to myself afterwards. How has he attained this state of grace? Imagine the wake of warm feelings he leaves behind him as he sails through this world, touching people for just a moment. He dropped a boulder into the placid ocean of my reality that is still rippling outward as you hear and hopefully feel, some of what Harold so unselfishly bequeathed to me, that I attempt to pass on to you. I REALLY care about you!

  • Jim

    Unconditional love. Pura Vida

  • Kamel

    What was most inspiring about this video was not words as much as gestures and sentiments, especially as Johnny Barnes expects nothing material in return! Often said none born to be saints as much as boring to be saints, but Johnny is the closest it gets.

  • Terry

    Hey Johnny, I never met you but I know you through my family. My parents both used to live and work in Bermuda and my cousins , the Baptistes, are locals there. My parents have a handcarved statute of you in their curio cabinet at home (right beside the unopened bottle of Bermuda Gold)

  • Rita

    The simplicity and how every one can "choose" to make their day and make someone else's day. It is truly a conscious choice. This is not a dress rehearsal, so we all should take advantage of every opportunity to be an encourager to others. It makes two people happy when you simply smile.

  • Jagdish

    Mr. Happy Man reminds of my illiterate mother who greeted all of my fr9ends,guests and us with a loving genuine natural smile and kind words. I am grataful to have such a wise teacher, a charming gardener, who made our souls blossom every day. Jagdish Dave

  • Noor a.f

    All happy masters I love happy groups. but the video doesn't play well. even high speed ips. I remember the team were good but unfortunately there have been some scaring but the facts is that am missing my team. some people like to call happy men mad men. why people call mad? simply they don't understand that some people like to be happy. i like to be happy 60% of my time

  • Patricia

    All I can say, as a "senior," is It's about time for such activity and awareness. How serendipitous that I just found the book yesterday (as I waited for pricey smog repair on car) by Marci Shimoff, Love for No Reason. Her message corroborated my own adventure of unconditional loving, of knowing as an experience that we are connected. In the video I especially liked the story of the pregnant gal going around the road twice! And the statue, what a great idea! Where are the Johnny's in Central Valley CA?!

  • Rick Brooks

    Here's an action plan for us all. Why don't we use the influence of Daily Good to bring this idea to television producers? A series on people and happiness, service and altruism on the tee vee instead of "reality" television, junk shows and violence? With so many channels and so much selling, etc., why not this? If we can enshrine 60 Minutes for its investigatory journalism, why not at least 30 Minutes of stories like this one? We'll begin with a small step--a Little Free Library on the topic of happiness in Johnny Barnes' name. Anybody want to work with me on this?

  • Charmaine

    Mr Barnes,Thank you for your love.You reminded me all love is DIVINE

  • Ken Hall

    This is the kind of "Reality Show" the world should be watching! It is the "real deal" with sentiment, commitment, and passion. Sadly, sentiment, commitment and passion are subject extinction unless we all commit to our own expression of God or whatever a person chooses to call it.

  • Bert

    Johnny Barnes I Love You, I love that you give so freely of yourself bringing joy and comfort to all those that cross your path, you give love freely to those that may of never heard the words I Love You , or not heard it enough. Love You Johnny Barnes and all those that read this. Jesus is everwhere.

  • Irene

    Amazing Ministry to many, who doesn't need to hear those words...

  • Jane

    God is everywhere we are and I believe we do His good works each and everyday. Johnny Barnes' heart is full of love and he shares that love openly and unconditionally. I love that a statue of him was created as a constant reminder of his love for all of humanity.

  • Teji

    What happens inside you after watching this video is Johnny's reward. God is sending his message of "Love" through him.

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  • Think that love isn't a powerful business tool? Guess again. See how the Bermuda Hotel Association touts Johnny Barnes as a tourist attraction.
  • Now that you've met Mr. Happy Man, meet "Happy Lady" Erica McElrath!
  • Take a cue from Johnny Barnes: surprise a stranger today with a bright smile and a kind word.

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