A film by Jose Sanchez and Kasper Packford. Composers: Sue Kirkpatrick and Oona McOuat.

An anthem to global unity sung and played entirely by children (with a video created by a 9-year old), "One World, One Heart Beating" is the creation of singer songwriter Oona McOuat to raise funds for children affected by war. Find out how you can help.


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  • Laurie Renton

    The Gifts we all have as Humanity and these Children are showing us that. What an Inspiring title. Talk about being the Change, it's our Children

  • Lena Eriksson

    This really filled me with hope <3

  • Premilla Pillay

    What inspired you about this video? A global village indeed! The children remind us of the beauty, the love, the joy, the peace and the harmony that exists. Beautiful voices , beautiful music, beautiful message.

  • Mercy

    Congratulations kids for your heavenly voice. it arouse patriotic feeling of diversity.Well done .its a great talent.Amazing.

  • Stephen Rasp

    This is so well done, so beautiful that it started me crying for several minutes.

  • Stephen Rasp

    The sheer diversity of children involved in this video is wonderful.

  • Harriett

    I am inspired by the exquisite beauty that the human spirit is capable of...what a contrast to the negativity I've felt surrounded by lately. Maybe I just need to be hanging out with more kids.

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  • Learn more about "One World, One Heart Beating" and the resources available to children, teachers and other adults.
  • Find out more about the impact of war on communities and the work War Child is doing to help children reclaim their childhood.
  • Take the children's invitation to act and live in harmony, and with tolerance and hope.

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