Amidst the violence and chaos of Karachi, there is a ray of hope: Pakistani philanthropist, humanitarian and a man of grit and strength, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Born in 1928 in Bantawa, Gujarat, India, he later migrated to Pakistan in 1947. From a very young age his mother taught him to be kind towards others.  Each day, she would give him two paisa - one to spend on himself, and one on someone less fortunate. Started with a mere Rs.5000 (approximately $55.56) the Edhi Foundation runs the world's largest ambulance service and operates free nursing homes, orphanages, clinics, women shelters, rehab centers for drug addicts and mentally ill individuals, to name a few of the many services. One of the most trusted men in Pakistan, Edhi's Foundation has modified the phrase "Live and Let Live" to "Live and Help Live." Postscript: Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away on 8 July 2016, after a long illness, at the age of 88. Edhi was given a state funeral, but buried in the clothes he died in, and buried in the Edhi Cemetary in the outskirts of Karachi in a grave he dug himself several years earlier - true to his ascetic lifestyle even in death.


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  • susie

    Thankful for so many adults in Sunday School who invited teens to their homes, took us out to eat, taught us, gave us gifts and just spent time enjoying being with us.

  • Neweahkeah Jackson

    The love... Just the undying love. I'm reminded of the people in my life who carried that kind of light. They are part of the train that I am who I am today. May we all learn from this kind of love.

  • Shyana Mushin

    everything, i stand for...a great man of the Earth a gift to the adopted land in divided troubled times...Humanity it's time to re-learn the power of love Ameen...

  • Tej Krishen

    This organisation in a country like Pakistan is a light in the dark tunnel. I hope it is allowed to function and that will be the biggest tribute to this great man.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . An inspiration to all humans .

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Enlightened Teacher of true Faith...Love is our common goal for every Country...peace on Earth...1

  • Mansukh

    A Mahatma (Great Soul)

  • Mona Wolfert

    Abdul is so humble & modest. Bright & clever...he sees a need & then thinks of a way to help make it right. Edhi knows no boundaries in terms of humans, we are all equals. It doesn't matter what religion you are, the colour of your skin, the class you were born into. And then, probably most of all what impressed me was his fearlessness. He didn't care about dangerous neighbourhoods, the Taliban etc. His the people. A man with the biggest most golden heart. <3 RIP Abdul Sattar Edhi <3

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Be a human, bring out each other's humanity, <3 YES! Thank you for sharing this beautiful human being's story. You've just given me more hope! Hugs from my heart to yours, Kristin

  • Inaki

    Thanks a lot for sharing this here

  • m.najaf mughal

    he has very soft heart and pain for human beings

  • Des

    Impressive I attribute to the civilised INFLUANCE of Gujarat in formative years.Bless this wonderful soul.

  • Loni

    Thank you for making me aware of this great man.

  • jun bantug

    this inspired me to give more, to exert more effort, and more often.

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Fearless old man, kind.

  • pratibha

    realistic humanity, that is what works, no phantasy, wonderful!

  • Ted Jec

    I want to donate one of my paintings as donation to the charity - see my paintings Ted Jec

  • Steve

    In a failed state,in a situation of hopelessness...emerges a light:I hope his mission remains secular and simply humanitarian and moves from strength to strength...Hari Aum...

  • Andy Gerhart

    I suppose what inspires me most of all would be Edhi's ethics, those taught him by his parents and those he practices every day. People with so much clarity to know that religious and political divisions only sew more hate and poverty, that amidst these people are generally good; and someone with enough courage to work anywhere, regardless of circumstances, nationality, threats… What isn't inspiring about this video? "I've become famous for being human." What an incredible assertion of humanity.

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  • Learn more about the work of the Edhi Foundation, the largest social welfare system in Pakistan.
  • Watch this video of one Pakistani girl's advocacy for universal education, opportunity and equality.
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi started with a small act of service.  Perform a simple act of kindness for the next person you meet - perhaps by giving a smile with all your heart.

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