Redemption and transformation can occur in even the harshest of surroundings. During his 14-year incarceration Fleet Maull found meditation. With meditation he found a freedom that transcended prison walls. After his release he returns to prison to teach meditation, healthy survival skills and share his story of meaningful change. 1 out of every 100 Americans is currently behind bars. And 700,000 of them will go home this year. The Prison Mindfulness Institute's "Path of Freedom" program teaches prisoners strategies for surviving on the "inside". This video features a few of the program participants in a Rhode Island medium-security prison working toward forgiveness, peace and freedom. It challenges us to always embrace the potential for transformation and the responsibility we share in helping each other find our paths to freedom.


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  • Frank S.

    The calmness in the voices of all participants who spoke, conveyed sincerity and honesty of what they spoke. It was captivating to listen to and couldn't help but influence in a positive way on how to see the World and how you would want to fit in ! I hope and trust the long run results will be as effective as hoped for and will spread like wildfire throughout our Country's Prisons. What we have been doing, incarcerating and dehumanizing is the recipe recidivism. Kudos to Mr. Maull, he is sharing a life altering gift he discovered within himself ! God Bless him!

  • Gayle

    What Fleet is sharing is so important. Also, the incredible attitude of Roberta Richman, wanting to help rather than punish the prisoners is key to the meditation being offered and working its magic. I was particularly impressed by the inmate who is serving a life sentence. He seemed so soft, open and inspired that his life can still be meaningful. Thank you Fleet and others in your Prison Mindfulness Institute.

  • Paul

    Life is full of people who make mistakes. Some are worse than others but, by no means are we complete in our development from birth. We do not come with instruction manuals when we are born and life is not a dress rehearsal or always an opportunity for a do-over. The sage who brings the inner light into our lives is a cherished person, a bodhisattva in the highest sense bringing the life out of the mud of our experiences and fertilizing the beautiful flower within.

  • Emily

    Fleet can help these prisoners to be resources for each other.

  • Mona

    What an amazing man Fleet Maull is to share his knowledge while in prison and then to come back and teach too. I love Linesh's comment "it is compassion in action". I meditate too but forget sometimes to do it. I am putting up reminder notes to keep me honest. :) I always feel better after meditating.

  • nicole

    I was inspired by the gentleness in these men. You can really get a feel of how meditation has affected their being and I can only imagine if they could get others to be open to creating a new way for themselves. Their environment would change and how inspiring to think of the hope they get to have, knowing there is another perspective for their lives.

  • richard

    This film gives some hope. Thank you.

  • Zoe Keithley

    Without spiritual help of some kind; and without the spirit of community, we ALL are already in a prison. These men lead the way in showing us what to do, one way or another to find and develop the Spirit we are and come to recognize other as being as well.

  • Cindy

    Kudos to Mr. Maull as well as to those who choose to participate in this program, making the effort to connect with their divine selves. And kudos as well as to the authorities who allow this program to happen.

  • Linesh sheth

    Courage and conviction of the mediating prisoner to go back to prison after 14 years and to teach others to free themselves from within .I consider this as an act of transcendence, faculty of going beyond your individual self. It is compassion in action .

  • Abhijit

    It shows anyone can meditate anywhere...Truly awesome!

  • Terry Beer

    An amazingly appropriate program for prison and non-prison populations!

  • kim cote

    This video was completely inspirational!!! Coming from a background that taught me no life skills, I continually struggled with every day life. To watch these men meditate and to be mindful of the moment that they are in is astounding. We all learn and if we learn how to bring peace to our selves , we can spread it outwards too. Peace out : )

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