There are over 20 million child laborers in India, many working in dangerous industries, such as fireworks. Shweta Chari wanted to reach out to these children through fun and play using toys. With the help of friends and volunteers, she founded Toybank, an NGO that provides toys and a place to play for thousands of rural and urban children in India.


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  • Trupti Joisher

    Such a essential element in childs life... Giving sooo much of fun and love to kids... that only a nobel heart can do

  • Our Better World

    Maya, that's wonderful to hear! Do keep us informed of any progress with Toys R Us. You can email

  • Suma Mudan

    such a simple concept, such an essential element in a child's life, and such dedication by these young people trying to make a difference in the world they share with the less privileged!! Hats off to the Toy Bank team and let they multiply and reach out to the nooks and corners of rural India and bring smiles to the children's faces

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    This was a very Interesting Program.

  • Sajeevkumar

    Let the children never miss the fun , laughter and smiles ! let us protect and provide it ! Gr8 move!

  • Maya Vidhyadharan

    Very inspiring. I have written to Toys R Us in Facebook and their official site to support Toybank. Good going Toybank!

  • Ilke Sharratt

    One persons vision becomes a reality and changed lives - awesome!

  • Jane

    We take so many things for granted here in the U.S. Impressive what this one person did to spread joy throughout India with her creation of Toybank.

  • shanti

    Ordinary people do extraordinary things!

  • gayathri

    shweta...a beautiful ray of light and hope for all these children; how beautiful that you all have been the medium that ignites the sparks of happiness, togetherness and all beautiful things for these future citizens of India and world.

  • Daud

    The magnitude of a buse and the rare gesture and attempt to re-scoop the young innocent kids from an un acceptable sea of abuse and depriviation is a drop of honey in a sea!

  • vrajesh

    Real social work...............Excellent Shweta

  • Global Singh

    Really, its highly appreciated. Children are valuable and precious for each society. If we help such children , it means we are helping our-self. Thanks Sweta, keep it up.

  • Neeti

    Great going Shweta, hats off to you!!

  • Our Better World

    Fantastic that you want to start something similar in Sri Lanka, Anura. Just like we were happy to tell Shweta's story, we'd be keen to tell your story too as you go about helping kids in your community. We'd love to connect. You can mail us at: storyteller(at)

  • Shweta

    Thank you for the wonderful comments! It is so encouraging to all of us. :-) Anura, feel free to write to me at We could discuss some ideas of how we can work it out in Sri Lanka. Thank you so much again!

  • Anura

    This is amazing... Great initiative..Sheweta and the team..I want to start a similar thing in Sri Lanka also...How can I get some guidance from you...

  • nextinfopower

    This is really great......hats off to the whole team and specially Shweta......thanks for doing wonderful work!!!!!!! In today's busy schedule, people don't get the time to think for other n to think and implement such a beautiful's unbelievable.

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  • Start a toy drive in  your community and share the toys with a local women and children's shelter.

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