A film by Vinod. Play at Catch the Rain.

Clean, fresh water. We can't live without it. And yet, it is in short supply. Much of what is available has been polluted. This simple, elegant film makes the case for harvesting our fresh water directly from the sky -- the way people have been doing for millennia.


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  • Madhu

    Message is good!but agonize the Fish....looks painful

  • Jp

    This is disgusting. Did you really need to torture that fish to make your point.

  • Mira

    What a powerful message and so simply communicated!!! Thank you. It's a beautiful reminder to ask: What do I do in my every day to ensure I lessen my impact of the millions of unseen fish and other creatures?

  • Rajesh

    Instead of fish if adult human is used to communicate this message will be more purposeful. Animal other than human beings never waste, pollute water. Because they know its importance for living life. It is the humans needs to tell this even after having sense of what we are doing, whether it is useful or waste. We have lost our thinking ability, we are just busy in fulfilling our needs, that it. Innocent fish is unnecessary troubled for the purpose.



  • Jeffrey McMeans

    The absolute lifesaving quality of blessed water and how that little fish sprung back to life as soon as its refreshing ability encapsulated that little fishie. Also, I must say that it is literally in our hands to do all in our power to keep water clean but to capture as much of it as we can. I do this every time it rains and use the rainwater on my succulent gardens.

  • vinod eshwer

    Hi, I thought of the idea for this film. I completely understand and share your views on the cruelty depicted in the film. Before the shoot, I laid down only one condition to the film director: no fish should die. I was there at the film shoot. I personally placed the fish on the hand. For every take, a different fish was used. The guppy fish used in the film is extremely hardy and can easily live out of water for 3 minutes. I made sure the takes didn't take anywhere as long. So what you see in the film is the story of one fish told using many different fishes. I did not kill any fish. While it looks like the fish is gasping for air, actually the gills opening and closing is a response to a stream of air that I blew. Otherwise, a fish does not open its gills or mouth in this manner. It goes completely still to conserve oxygen. While this does not justify the pain caused, or absolve me from the act of taking a fish out of water, I'd like you all to know that this was done with the best of intentions to highlight the grave nature of the worsening water crisis and thereby the solution at hand. I am sorry.

  • sandra

    I was once again appalled by the cruelty and respect for one of the earth's most vulnerable creatures. The video made it's point but I am grateful that they were not doing a video on banning torture. People can be so arrogant.

  • Helen Gennari

    When I was a kid we had rain barrels at each corner of the house. We cherished the water we caught and used it for many things, including washing our hair. Water continues to be a precious treasure on which we are all dependent. Let's do stand together in doing what we can to protect it.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    powerful even though it was only 66 seconds. I too gasped for breath along with the fish. Please share this with those responsible for polluting so much of our planet's water. There is hope. We all need to band together.

  • Cynthia

    I was gasping for air on behalf of the little fish. Could you edit out that last couple of seconds of suffering ; we would still get the point. Otherwise,very effective. Show it to boards of directors of companies that trash the planet.

  • Leela Karkaria

    Good concept and self explanatory. Would like a 3-4 minute documentary.

  • deepak

    "what one sows one harvests" rain water in big indian cities is totally polluted by us multiplying indians... time is not to far when people will be fighting for even the rain water...killing each other.

  • Colleen

    I get what the video's trying to say but but they didn't need to do that to the fish.

  • Sean

    I wish someone would take a human being and starve him until he passes out, then feed him back to life, and the caption should read "every mouthful counts". That is such a painful video, the fish is gasping for air and it is filmed to say that every drop counts. Why not reverse the rolls, take a human into the sea and duck him under the water until he passes out, then bring him up for air, CPR him and then say " every breath of air counts, stop the pollution".

  • spoke

    Very plain to see we are wasters & must change if we are to survive our on filth. God is the provider of all good things for the creation He made.

  • Deejay

    In India my grand Father and Great Grand Father's house are built in such away that we can accumulate the water of rain in huge quantity.

  • snayak

    I have started catching the cold water before warm flows during shower and my goal this summer is to grow the vegetables only through that water. This video further inspires to pursue my goal.

  • Deven P Shah

    What inspired me about the video - Do my small bit today, however that I can. Start making the change.

  • Gae

    simplicity - simple solutions for complex problems

  • rich

    How easily they got the point across!

  • BooDa

    Understanding how important it is to have enough fresh water fresh! Conserve where possible.......................Be the change.

  • Marie

    There's no longer fresh water from the sky, due to climate engineering, solar radiation management, aka chemtrails, rain water has been fused with aluminium, barium and storntium globally since 1998.

  • Ted Jec

    I Designed and I build rain water storages. Perhaps there is someone who would donate some money to build them to get fresh, rain water to those who really need water? See my simple rain water systems at http://www.biznetmall.com/rain-water/

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