The 21-Day Kindness Challenge launched on September 11th. 98 countries. 6000 people. And a collective tidal wave of good that inspired many -- including young rapper-activist "Nimo" Patel at the Gandhi Ashram in India. Nimo wasted no time channeling that inspiration into an infectious music video. "Being Kind" was created on super short notice by an intercontinental crew of volunteers working out of their living rooms. It features footage from all over the world and heart-melting appearances by the children Nimo works with in the slums. Watch, listen, and prepare to smile big at this lyrical reminder that kindness really is "all we can leave behind."


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  • SAM Chelladurai

    I am working among the IRULAR tribal Children in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. By watching this well documented video, touches my heart and emotions, as I see that many young people are happy to be part of your Being Kind Movement. Yes the world can really moveforward if there is unconditional KINDNESS and LOVE. All the best NIMO and team.

  • HCarol Schmidt

    Music is Universal so it can be a wonderful influence for Goof. This video proves it. Thank you.

  • Patricia

    This is just magnificent!keep up the good work!Many thanks from the depth of myy heart.this is such an uplifting video and song!

  • stan deutscher

    None of us can do it all... None of us are perfect... All of us can be...' a Little bit more Kind'

  • jasmine

    sorry But Gandhi was a British Stooge and a traitor to India- He allowed Hindus to be looted and assaulted by the Muslims. was responsible for the Partition and made Nehru the PM (was not elected by the people)- whose clan destroyed India further for 67 years!! This is the truth that the media does not talk about.

  • Stephen

    This is really an inspiring song video, which touched someone's heart for kindness. Thank you and keep up the good work

  • Sofia

    This is truly an inspiring video and shows so much act of kindness.

  • Sunnie

    This video was inspiring because it showed me to be kind.

  • Melenie

    The world should be great full that people are being so kind to others, and Now I should start being more kinder to people.

  • Aneya

    This is why some people still have hope for this world Keep doing you thank you and keep up the good work

  • king

    something that inspiered me is that he went all around the world to make this video for us

  • Joshua

    It's beautiful that people are being kind to one another and came together from 98 countries.

  • Hugo Maximo

    this video inspired me to more kinder than ever

  • jv

    it inspired me to be kind to others so i can have growing kindness so i can know more of other and have friends

  • Adrian

    This world is so violent and cruel and we should be kind to everyone.

  • Denzel

    I thought it was cool how he went and got people from 98 countries to record themselves taking the challenge.

  • Patrick Lewis

    My deep yearning for more kindness in the world drew me here. Beautiful ♥️

  • Lavina Cardoza

    This is beautiful...the smiles of people and the music touched my heart. At a time when we get to hear so much of gloom & doom stories, this uplifted my spirit. Yes, Kindness is such a strong force that can unite us

  • Darlene

    Just the tittle drew me... then the words and of course the video both touched my heart. It is my wish in this sometimes harsh world we live in that everyone try a little harder to pay the acts of kindness forward to everyone regardless of their circumstances.

  • Murray

    Reminded me I can always squeeze one more act of kindness into my day and then another and another and another!

  • lilian karimlar

    It is so simple every one can give a little kindness and compassion. It does not cost anything .

  • Palm Springs

    I didn't watch it - but I believe the comments. I believe in the person who made it. And in people who think using YouTube (which makes much more money than us - millions profit in a month) will benefit people. They could end problems if they wanted - don't believe anything else. I know and you already know people take advantage and even need the negative to make news, reaction etc. Why make a system that listens to people's feelings and is straight with us (where is the money or profit in that good - no way! Would be against business). I didn't watch it because mainly it's on YouTube (it separates us and the business people, for profit and not-for-profit) - so trying to win using their model isn't going to help or we simply don't need it any more and actually WE NEED OTHER WAYS to grow out of the monetising methods (i.e. we non-DIY ways, not used by using big corps and not just looking at the money first all the time!). Just saying, no offence to creators in the system... hope the logic makes sense... imagine seeing literally 1000's of these things... people's creations taken free and monetised... (since a long time too right from electricity Tesla didn't want to 'sell') and now realising we feed the machine(S) that learn with us and then go against us... unfortunately. Many blogs and group out there, but we're alone because I admit it's boring at or any other blog or thing that doesn't have support or big sponsors or a bit of money or donation to play with and make a song and dance. It's like a dead village and that's why people go to the city (and then protest!). Mainly I was born on superficial finances my parents that they thought they had and could 'raise a child well' - wrong move in hindsight. (we as generations are now trying to fight against systemic bad environments after we the children realise about the banks, mortgages etc if we're already not in the same mess!). Our existence (or maybe just mine only) is against the system and is the paradox of 'living' in that 'capitalist' using/abusing system and how we live and grow our seeds by it is the basis for the paradoxes. - to go against is SUICIDE. And therefore not wanting to exist in that system is like asking to be eliminated or treated as a threat (anything non-business orientated). Sure killing yourself is a sure way of instantly balancing that paradox to actually solving what was wrongly calculated in the first place (but also I can't say I'm brave enough to do such a thing,though given a sleeping pill I would go to the forest and put back the energy once taken knowing it's still a small offering). Hopefully you get what I mean about the paradox of YouTube(s) and all those things, and the equalisation balance we're in (or not in), it never balances, just more % / profit on top of a % which gets stored in a bank somewhere - they who choose profit are almost all part of the problem (sorry, I blame non-profit individuals less as they do less damage) and some people are not even trying to balance it any other way because money first right? And then being the change...) Enjoy consuming the video... and my few thoughts - I did think about the correctness but feel once in a while a comment too balances thoughts after the initial eye candy or musical entertainment medium. More because if systemically part of 100's of 1000's, 24hrs of video uploaded per 3mins or something crazy. I think we need to re-think what we're doing / clicking... it also became an easy habit (you could be doing something that isn't done yet 1000 million, trillion, times a second). Playing energy intensive mediums. I hope this text is a small example (text might still be ok once we accept and understand energy and how it kills) *I appreciate* there is too much to read and watch out ttere... and maybe and WATCHING videos and music is A LOT EASIER. But even that take more energy (people's life force)... all this energy is like watching people die and EARTH dying - I know it's a strong way of seeing it, but is it not logically and emotionally true for you having resources sucked for such eye candy(s)? Reply's welcome... (I'm not working for anyone else but me). And I think you should do as part of regenerating a less intensive system. (maybe I'll make a video about it one day...)

  • sergio

    cuesta muy poco ser amable y dando a los más necesitados de afecto,cariño y cosas que necesitan de inmediato. Siempre que puedo lo hago, llevando hasta comida al necesitado discretamente..

  • Kay Lera

    It inspires me, personally. However, I am a public school teacher and I am unable to teach about God in school, other than mentioning that some people believe in God and some do not. I'll have to ask my principal if I can play this in a first grade classroom.

  • Steven

    Great work - the kind the world needs more of - and kindness, of course.

  • dianne

    I was one who signed up

  • L.

    The children and the photos of faces toward the end of the video inspired me the most.

  • Gokul

    Everything about this video is great -- music, shots, lyrics and the thee. Nimo thank you for doing this video.

  • Maggie

    IMAGINE...The Beautiful Possibilities If All People Of The World Lived With Only The Desire To Act Kind To One Another...Heaven On Earth Thank You For The Music and Love, Always A Heart Of Goodness and Light

  • ruth calandra

    knowing my god is there for me and who every belives

  • Carmen

    Kindness Should be a disease in Our Hearts

  • jon

    full the world with kindness easier to do than hate

  • Paul

    Hello from South AFrica, beautiful message :)

  • Karen Daly

    It has the perfect message for today for us here in the USA. Today is 1/20/17. This video was launched on 9/11..... a great way to move the movement of kindness forward.

  • Scarlett

    kindness is positive energy that moves throughout the universe and never stops.

  • Carmel

    Kindness is power.

  • vikki

    the desire to be better than we act and the belief that everyone can do it

  • renate

    THANK YOU!!!! I just love it - I felt inspired, am sitting with the smile that I saw shining of the people's faces - kindness, that shows as how connected we could be, that makes us reach out and offer a hand, a smile, an act. THANK YOU - I love the song with which you made my heart smile.

  • Nidhi Shah

    What inspired me was the smile on people's face and the positive attitude and gratitude for life all the participants reflected in being kind. I shared this video with others.

  • Barry David Butler

    I LOVED this song and video. I wrote one also called KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS Barry David Butler

  • pat

    i hope it circles the world again and again inspiring us all to be grateful and kind. my heart sings when i think about the possibilities!

  • Pamela

    Just so heart warming xxx Thank you for sharing x

  • debra

    the matters so deeply...makes my heart ache with joy...that we CAN get it...we can DO small step at a time...

  • ashton

    who is this by

  • bob vincent

    Love and kindness, God loves ALL of us!!!!

  • paashi

    Let kindness be the music for being alive.

  • John Hathaway

    Tears flow in gratitude and wonder at the kindness our hearts are capable of!

  • Alysha

    I have started a movement on my FB page called #justbenice and everyday I try to find something inspirational to put out there to let people know that kindness is the best thing we can offer the world. I found this website and will look at it everyday. I have decided to start a campaign at a local store to buy school supplies for poor kids. As people buy supplies for their own kiddos, they can offer to supply a child in need. With little changes and acts, we can make our world so much better.

  • Lalita

    I just loved everything about this video and shared it on my FB time line. The only thing I disagree with is the line above that says "kindness really is "all we can leave" Kindness never leaves you. Like compassion, kindness is you. Without a you and me where would kindness be?

  • Denise

    I have tried several times from different ways to share this video to my FB page. The link doesn't work. Once you click on it...the video goes blank and nothing happens.... :(


    I am an advocate for "Random Acts Of Kindness". Our world is so filled with sorrow, anger, hatred, lonliness and fear....we need more love, joy and kindness. One small act of kindness can change someone's life. Being kind to others...feels so amazing! The video sends a powerful message of this!

  • Chris

    The message, the singer,mall the people from around the world... Amazing and uplifting. Thanks and blessings to all who made this possible!

  • Mish

    Simply wonderful. Thank you Nimo.

  • Katya

    Our class loved your kindness video and would love the lyrics so we may sing it in our class. I work with Autistic children and you have inspired them to sing and be grateful and kind to others.

  • George Riser

    Everyone deserves a second chance this group gives these individuals that chance as we as that family they so were looking for. Not to mention a career direction. Wouldn't it be wonderful if some of the money going to the military go to things like this project.

  • Lawrence Orchard

    My country needs to watch this video together as we all are in need of bringing back kindness into our lives

  • Pat Chrosniak

    On my office door, I have a picture that I took of a poster at the University of Saskatchewan, created by a student. It says, "Every act of kindness creates a ripple with no logical end." (Scott Adams) I have realized that kindness takes much courage, at times. This video and song show that there is a need for tenderness, too.

  • Eve Seamone

    The possibility of universal love and kindness.

  • Seb

    Sometimes it is easier to be mean than kind, I pray we all step up our kindness game.

  • Pradeep

    Inspiring ,simple act making life beautiful

  • Reesee

    What inspried me? The message, the melody and the delivery through everyday average folks. Amazing! Thank you and God bless you.

  • Meredith

    Be kind to everyone

  • piera

    to be more patient and kind - thank you!

  • Bea

    It is a message of HOPE. How beautiful to hear during these troubled times throughout the world. Thank you for this powerful message.

  • Daniel

    I had the great pleasure of interviewing Nimo, and the video has just been released! NIMO PATEL EMPTY HANDS INTERVIEW-

  • Vassa

    Ashe. May this be so. Thank you for touching our senses with your creativity...and bringing more light to this powerful message. I have walked and talked this message for years. I feel everything! Here something to share from my journey...when there is someone that is not in alignment with kindness...empathize. Do not let their space become yours. Bring them some light to help them see what you see. Perhaps their darkness is so deep that they are not able to even find their way. Step up to the plate and give it your best shot. Be brave and use what you KNOW. Share where you have worked so hard to get to and allow that energy to permiate your walk. See the opportunities to use your kind heart and amplify your energy by giving. Ashe. with love

  • laetitia

    Watching this video and hearing to the lyrics made me want to spread love around, what simple acts can do in the life of others. A smile, a little heart beating, a hope for better world just by being kind to the others. It shows also how much we can all do in our daily life. Thank you. It is beautiful.

  • Bonnie Cronin

    The world is a mess. If we practice loving kindness we step out of the mess. If enough of us step out of the mess, who knows what could happen

  • Satya

    This video made me smile and my heart feel happy. I enjoyed the lyrics. It made me think of how small acts of kindness can transform into great feelings of contagious joy.

  • Bren

    The reference to God and the focus on the impression we leave after we die. The world is in such disorder now that kindness is sometimes the last thought on people's mind.

  • sanjay

    Great lyrics and saving the horse and dog

  • Ranganath .M

    Very nice continue and spread the message

  • Doreen

    A reminder that we can change the world... one act at a time and that we all young and old can do with a bit more kindness.

  • Susan

    This is so beautiful and the message it holds, thank you <3

  • arlane

    everything about the video is very inspiring. Mubarak ho :)

  • Amos

    Thank you for sharing this today at Karma Kitchen, Washington, DC!

  • Sheri

    Can we download this song somehwere?

  • Sheri

    Awesome video. I try to leave kindness everywhere I go.

  • ruby red

    i really love what this video.

  • Brenda

    I love the variety of ages involved with this video...beautiful music with such a loving message of hope~ thank you, Nimo!

  • jeffrey farrar dean

    Try it, its easy.

  • Kathy manning

    Let me be a light of love to all !!thank you for this beautiful song!I feel gratitude

  • joshua garet


  • BellaDjini

    Altruist...the earth needs more of this , Thank you ,for being u.

  • Renuka Taneja

    its so touching to c small kids also getting into the acts of kindness... we should not get stuck into our daily lives and forget our acts of kndness...

  • madeleen willink

    I feel connected , I feel one, I am confident that I am. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Barb Stout

    Its easy to be kind!

  • Mataji Gauribrata

    Nimo and so many others, are sowing the seeds of love and kindness by worshiping God within humanity. Many religious leaders can preach from a pulpit or chair and we are grateful. In addition to religious leaders in religious paths Nimo shows us the mission hearts of the individuals who in action show love and kindness within all. I pray Nimo and all like minded and like hearted to Nimo spread the love of kindness and make the world a better place by being the change they want to see and not preaching the change they want to see. With God's grace as the water I pray Nimo and all sow seeds of kindness and mission making the whole world there own through light and love.

  • Maria Teresa Pace

    The message inspired me, we need more Loving messages,spread across the globe .

  • Sue Seppivan

    Namaste :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Bharat Vitha

    Life is too short

  • layla

    united in kindness

  • yash

    Very Energetic Song....

  • Lisa Rutman

    The global connectedness and sweetness. How BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for helping my heart to expand some more. My heart is smiling and the rest of me is catching on and smiling, too. :)

  • Julienne

    Made so well.....very inspirational, fantastic..I try to live this...thanks to all who put it together...keep spreading the kindness!

  • Noeleen

    Beautiful, inspiring and hopeful. Loved it. Caught it on a blog, and so glad I did. So wonderful. Noeleen

  • yvonne

    So lovely,If we all pass this on then maybe ! more lovely and kind people will become. I feel grateful that I can now smile and talk with anyone, as I now do. when I was young I was almost dumb with shyness, felt worthless. So even if people don't smile back, it may be because they are too shy or feel unworthy of your smile you are giving them.We live in such a busy hard world, we all need to slow down and look around,there are so many lonely people, just to stop and just say a few words, can not only make their day a bright happy one but can make yours too.x

  • sami

    We can't stop singing this~lmao!

  • Karen

    amazing gift to all of us from you! Thank you <3 you put to words what I try to teach to my yoga students <3 lead with your heart! Kindness is contagious! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Namaste'

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