What makes more money in the United States than movies, game parks and baseball combined? Slot machines. In this thoughtful TEDx talk, designer and computer scientist Tristan Harris argues that our culture has unconsciously turned our mobile devices into slot machines -- where instead of coins, we are paying with our time. What if technology could distract us less, and respect our time and attention more? What would that world look like - and how could it be built? How do we measure time spent versus time well spent?


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  • Mercedes

    I am an educator and I see this distract fulness where the adults around me (colleagues) are not in the present but somewhere else with their devices. What are we teaching the younger generations about being with life? How is that re-defining our relations= with others? It has become a white addiction/interruption of the moment for an unconscious absorption with technologies. Technology is an amazing tool yet It is so easily to control humanity!

  • Toria

    That this is possible today. We don't have to wait until something else breaks down to do it! We can just start using this metric in everything we do today.

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