A Brazilian language school partners with a Chicago retirement community to exchange more than just words. The schools skype-style system allows for teenage students to connect with an English speaking senior citizen and what emerges is more than just a new language learned. Unlikely friendships are forged as pairs embark on their quest to teach and learn a new language.


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  • Mike

    Thanks Nicole! Indeed, WeSpeke is a platform designed for these types of exchanges. It has many tools to support the exchange including the ability to integrate text files, audio files and video files into the exchange. Check it out at: http://en-us.wespeke.com/index.html

  • sandy remillard

    Because of this video, this morning a very nice young man from Ukrania, his wife and I (I'm in Georgia, USA) had a Skype visit that ended up being very interesting and nurturing for both parts. I gave them some hints to improve their resume and we agreed to continue in contact. Word Battle in Facebook is a great tool to challenge yourself in English! Very satisfying experience...recommend it! By the way, I can help in Spanish too! Best wishes to all..... Sandy

  • Nicole

    Hi everyone! Here is an online platform that you can use to create similar programs and connect with peope across the globe: http://en-us.wespeke.com

  • Janet Dephoure

    Very moving brought tears to my eyes. The positive value of modern technology-- eclipsing distance and geography and bringing young and old together to learn from each other and share love.

  • Janet Wiseman

    What inspired you about this video?This is an opening of the heart experience. I LOVED IT!

  • sandy

    This is wonderful! I used to teach English in the 80s in Caracas, Venezuela. I would be more than happy to volunteer some time helping out! I have retired from teaching and am happily available to do some charity on a constant basis. Count me in! Sandy Remillard, Cumming, Georgia, USA sandyremillard@yahoo.com

  • Kattrios

    Everything inspires me but I love the question about what is your dream? We all need to keep dreaming and the computer hug brought tears to my eyes.

  • Cecile

    So... i am not the only one to cry watching this... Very touched by the video. Loneliness is terrible, this gives me hope and open my heart. I also want to learn english !!

  • genevieve

    Very moved by the video! old people become Young and Young people seem to be Wise.

  • Carol Haren

    As I have 2 sponsored children in India, I have only letters to communicate with them, and the letters are only coming 2/3 times a year. To be able to communicate via Skype is a wonderful idea/ concept. I would love to be able to do this with them or any other child who is interested. I am 79 yrs old, very active and do volunteer work twice a week.

  • Alice Ducote

    These seniors were valued for their efforts in sharing when so often young people do not care to hear what seniors have to say. This is a wonderful program!

  • Edie

    What inspired me was the ease to get involved and help. I have Skype but don't have a camera tied to my computer. Will talking be good enough? I live in Seattle, WA and would like to know if someone in my city is trying to set up something similar?

  • chhaya

    Very good thought and implementation of idea......creats feeling of value for senior citizens.

  • Susan

    How would a retirement community go about setting up this kind a program? Can you put me in touch with the Chicago retirement community?

  • Brenda

    Amazing, I would never have thought of something like that!

  • Sheila

    A lovely idea

  • Ronnie Dunetz

    What a great idea- I am inspired!



  • Patricia Salazar

    Connecting needs is the best way to communicate we care for each other and this kind of facts make you feel proud of being human... there is hope... CONGRATULATIONS :)

  • Prajna

    I loved this video. It demonstrates yet again how love is what connects us across cultures. It's great that technology can be used to connect people of different ages, different cultures and help them find their common humanity. Wonderful! I love you, KarmaTube--one great video after another!

  • Marsha Nelson,Ph.D.

    Keeping our elderly motivated by helping young people is a great gift. Thanks for sharing this incredible idea.

  • Shirley

    This made me cry. What beautiful exchanges -- both ways!! This is the best of what technology can do for us -- connect people.

  • Elio


  • Alice

    A beautiful, human-connecting utilization for modern technology!! What human being does not long to connect to others in a positive, meaningful way? Thank you for showing the world what is possible...what is hopeful...in so many ways.

  • Amie

    I really like how both the student and senior are being valued.

  • Karen

    EVERYTHING! Teaching seniors to use technology to connect with the world … giving seniors meaningful work…. gracing young students with the wisdom of seniors… forming international and intergenerational friendships…helping young students of English get practical conversation experience…. and so many more reasons!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful! Cross Cultural & Intergenerational. there is so much we can learn from each other! thank you for sharing and to those who've arranged it; thank you for remembering that Elders have so much to give!!!!

  • Gabriela

    This is beautiful. I am in tears

  • Louisa

    It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. It reinforces my belief that we can create for a more compassionate world!

  • Renee

    Beautiful! I love it, what a fantastic idea. I recently looking into a Spanish tutor for my kids and I, and was contacted by a tutor who wanted to teach via skype. I was skeptical, but now after viewing this the idea doesn't seem so crazy. :)

  • Emily

    Thats an excellent idea! they should put that in all senior citizen homes

  • jayant

    Such a simple thought. Teaching young adults to communicate. This is passing on the wealth of knowledge from one generation to another, one country to another. Let us spread this like wildfire, especially to the troubled parts of the world.

  • Cindy

    Wow, what an incredible program! Beautiful exchange between cultures and generations, and it brought tears to my eyes watching this. The world needs more of this.

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  • At your next visit, interview and record your grandparents story. 
  • Re-design your community so that it fosters social connections for & with its elders. 
  • Join an online language exchange and specifically request someone of a different age than you.

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