Veronika Scott believes that people can tackle far more than they think they can. A child of addicts, Veronica received a scholarship to study industrial design at one of the top schools in the U.S. One of her classes at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, changed her life. At the age of 24, Scott is CEO and Founder of a social enterprise that educates, employs and empowers homeless women to create a better life for themselves and their families. Find out how.


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  • Maria Schaefer

    To be creative in a generosity looking on how to service other in need!!!

  • DC

    Look what can happen with a young determined person. So inspiring and real. Thank you Veronika for showing us it can be done and reminding us that we are more powerful than we think!

  • Zinat Fazal

    So touched with this idea! Well done and God bless you Veronica! You changed the world in a special way!

  • Mary

    When you google her name there is a lot about funding and how she started.. Yea, Veronika!!

  • Joanna

    Detroit vs. Everybody! Rock on Veronika.

  • Pam

    Transformative ... loved how the seed of opportunity has been grown and developed into something that helps in so many directions, from warming those living on the streets to creating work and more for so many homeless women! A comment below wanted to know more. I found Veronika's non-profit here: #!about/c1n8o She has an impressive board and a very good website. I hope that it can inspire each of us to pick up the threads in our lives and make something of them! Gratefully, Pam

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys!!! What a miracle...that's the future Ladies and Gentlemen! Yes!!! Peace on Earth...1

  • Josekutty KJ

    My NGO Centre for Rural Innovative Peoples Action (CRIPA) is also providing Apparel Training for the poor especially women at Madhya Pradesh, India. Its a wonderful programme, appart from training we should have a production unit unless it would not be success. Your key success is you having a production unit. Good movement.

  • Lucy Fryer

    Hopeless video! How is she FUNDING this? How does she pay for the premises, machines, materials? Does she pay the homeless people a wage? How does it work? If it's all funded by government, great. But say so. And why do Americans always have to call themselves the CEO of something even when they're barely out of school? I would have thought that "volunteer", "sole trader" or even the grandiose term "entrepreneur" would all show a little more realism and humility. I imagine the above just makes me sound sour. My apologies. But nonetheless, more information would have been more useful.

  • George

    empowering the underpriviledged people who had no hope and nowhere to look to for jobs and skills development

  • neeru

    the content and the tagline.

  • Iris Curteis

    Veronika, that you for your insight, thank you for being so in-tune with the real need and open enough to hear that woman's voice! You have made life more beautiful. Thank you!

  • Radha

    Beautiful Person with a Beautiful Purpose and Tremendous Power to effect such a great Transformation in the lives of others! What a great role model Veronika! What a beautiful story!

  • Debbie

    Women Empowerment a way to go...

  • Deborah

    Her use of divine will. Your life circumstances don't exist to make you suffer but rather, are a platform for your own evolution. Way to go Sister !

  • Dorothea

    It is wonderful that Ms. Scott is able to employ homeless, jobless people. I would like to know where she got the capital to start this and who is purchasing these coats/sleeping bags for the homeless? For others to follow in her footsteps they will need to know where the support came from that enabled her to start this business. Thanks.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Fantastic! Here's to knowing it does not matter where we came from! What matters is where we allow ourselves to go. Kudos to you Veronika Scott for turning trauma into triumph!!!!

  • Suzy

    It's such a stroke of genius, the idea of creating this organization -- especially coming from such a young person! I'm 61 and Veronika is an inspiration to me. She is a do-er already, with great ideas.

  • Jodi Runyan

    I was once homeless. I wish i could have come across some one or something like this. This women is a god send for those homeless women and their families. God bless her

  • John

    Compassion in

  • Heather

    This is a wonderful company. Teach a man to fish... I would like to start a company that empowers people with disabilities. Thank you for caring for this under served population.

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