Allan Law first came across hunger and homelessness as a middle school teacher in the inner city schools of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In his retirement, Law has spent every day of the last 12 years on the streets of Minneapolis, leaving his small condominium filled with freezers at 8pm and returning around noon the next day. He distributes 6 - 700 sandwiches a day, along with other essentials, sleeping a scant 2 hours in his delivery vehicle while fielding emergency calls from people who need his help. Last year, he delivered 520,000 sandwiches.


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  • kramer herzog

    Great film work! I hope the people come to God then find Jesus. A whole lot of people on the streets need to learn to fish or be taught to fish!

  • Rose-Marie Ritchie

    God bless you what a great man x 💓 Rose-Marie from Northern Ireland

  • Patricia

    I am hopeful that these good stories (Karma Tube) about real men, women, and children become news stories for many to read. I am truly amazed about Allan Law and his decision to do this for his city.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    True Service and sharing one's heart. Thank you Allan Law for your kindness, generosity and for seeing the human in the homeless.

  • Stu

    What one person can bring about (with a little help from his friends!!!)

  • Deepak

    Inspirational . An Angel amongst us Humans . God Bless Allan .

  • Brian

    Thanks Team! Quite a mission to love others....peace

  • nila vora

    what a wonderful way to serve people. Allen's work is amazing ! He is surely an angel on this planet.

  • Daniel

    Awesome story and very inspiring. To Allan and all of the volunteers - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

  • Elaine

    there are angels among us....This kind man is one of them......How grateful we are to have Allen among all of us. May Allen be showered with continued strength, commitment and many Blessings himself, which I know he will gladly share with others.

  • Cindy

    A true selfless hero, so inspiring. Mr. Law deserves the very best of all things that life has to offer. Thankyou sir for being such a glorious example to us all.

  • BP

    holy moly. what a well made video as well! i'm quite inspired by Allan

  • LL

    What a beautiful video - his kindness is deeply moving. This man has an enormous, compassionate heart and the discipline to stick with what he set out to do - thank you, Allan Law, for your exquisite work. Thanks also to all who support you in this endeavor, and blessings to all who have been touched by your kidness. I feel Mother Teresa clapping :)......

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  • Learn more about Allan Law's work through his organization, Minneapolis Recreation Development, Inc., whose mission is: Love One Another.
  • Meet Katie Stagliano, who started growing food to feed the homeless in third grade.
  • Pack an extra sandwich for lunch today and share it with someone who could use a meal.

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