Imagine sharing your home with several rescued sloths and a few anteaters and you can begin to envision the life of CNN Hero Monique Pool. Her home in Suriname has become a temporary shelter for these special animals as she helps prepare them to be returned to the rainforest, their natural habitat. Her unique gift for getting to know each creature in her care as an individual reminds us of the value of every living being.


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  • Mish

    Beautiful creatures...beautiful Monique. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Brian Entwistle

    The dedication of Monique in helping the sloths regardless of the time and cost, the energy it must require. This 'hero' sets a wonderful example for 'doing good' and saving these lovely animals and of course, her work must do something to help the environment of Surinam and it's people. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Sarah

    Monique Pool's emphasis on protecting the environment and when she said, "the best part about a rescue is releasing the sloth," because it shows how much she cares about ensuring the sloths safety in their natural habitat.

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  • Learn more about Monique and her non profit organization, Green Heritage Fund Suriname, working on the protection of sloths and other conservation efforts.
  • Become more informed about rainforest conservation by reading the Rainforest Primer by Joy Schochet.
  • Contact a local animal shelter, find out their needs, and solicit assistance for them through friends, co-workers, and social media.

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