Debra Roberts is a sacred steward of honey bees. She is one of an increasing number of women who care for bees without chemicals or toxic substances and with thankfulness, nurturing, and respect. Debra likens the ways in which she relates to bees as similar to the practices of great spiritual traditions: being calm, focused, and clear in your intent, slow and smooth in your movements, feeling grateful, and approaching others with respect. In this Filiz Telek short video, Holy Bee, Debra discusses the spiritual practice of beekeeping.


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  • Ann Dusenberry

    The beauty and blessed love of 'beeing' emanates from your eyes, Debra. Pure Love. Thank you. We have so much to learn together. And our bee friends teach us patience and steadfastness. Love!

  • Louise Epona Pell

    'So beautiful to hear about love, tenderness and learning from our ancient wise ones, the honeybees, I am intimate with my horses in the way that Debra is with her bees coming from a place of humility, love and respect and intention to do nor harm. My bees have come to me now and I feel my horses have trained me in some of the ways Debra describes, being calm, focused, gentle and graceful in all your shared connections. I surrender now to honeybee wisdom xxx

  • peace w baxter

    Thank you Debra for the wildly important ministry you do. To know bees the way you do is a gift to all who know you and and those of us who listen to this heartfelt inspiring video.

  • Diane

    So beautiful. She understands the connectedness of life.

  • Karen

    Her human heart speaks to all things in life. We are all one, it's a connection that grows. Thanks Debra I would like to join you someday in this practice. Beautifully said.

  • Toni

    Love her . . . and her energy and how she's sharing it

  • Deepak

    Thank You . Respect her for the information she stated about bees and what they can teach us humans .

  • Kathy Coffey

    She and the bees are so so precious. I loved this. I too bow at the feet of the honey bees. Thank you Debra. Wow.

  • Linda

    My father was a beekeeper when I was a child, some 60 plus years ago. He was fortunate to not have to experience some of the many issues beekeeper face today. His respect for nature and the bees just came naturally as the earth, fields, plants and insects were always a part of his life growing up,in Kentucky. Her language may be quite different from my fathers but the emotion and the spirit is the same. All the best to you with gratitude for all you do for the bees and for us.

  • Kay

    Lovely-respectful- reverent- divine!

  • jenn

    Beautiful. Thank you. I garden and when I am really there and focused it is something like that-the sacredness and how it's all interconnected. And of course the bees!

  • Zillah

    I heard "sacred practice" and fell down. Thank you for saying it out loud, even in this other place I don't think of myself and my responsibility in. This hit me in a clear way, and I had to share it with my mom, who is a quiet, true, queen Bee.

  • G

    wonderful video. remarkable creatures, bees. I do wonder, since she speaks of all natural beekeeping, why she uses Langstroth hives? does she use foundationless frames? anyway, many veterans with PTSD have been learning to become beekeepers, for all the reasons she speaks of. it's the vibrational energy that strikes me. a few humming bees on my hand sets up a vibration that travels up my arm, to my chest, to my soul. I sing to my bees. thank you Debra.

  • Cindy

    Beautiful explanation of how synergy works re bees and awareness!

  • Lynda Leonard

    Debra embodies what she teaches. I love how she holds the bee sacred, and how the honey bee becomes a teaching on the micro and macro of life itself. Her LOVE and sincerity shines through all that she touches.

  • Garrity Marianne M

    Lovely, appreciate Debra'a way of being. Beautiful, strong woman who is caring for and about us all. Blessings to Debra and her generous spirit.

  • evelyn

    How absolutely beautiful it is to be Aware of our Oneness. What magic could happen on earth if we humans would recognize our interdependence, as the Bees do.

  • Jen Comeau

    Honey bees have Divine Feminine symbolism, so it is no wonder more women are bee keepers. I am a bee host (bee hives on the seven acres where my home resides), and plan to become a keeper when I retire. I love the bees we have, and talk to them all the time. <3 <3 <3

  • Frank Proske

    We are all part of the universal energy that is both matter and spirit. She is a divine example of connection to Self and the rest of the greater SELF.

  • Joan

    Nice video...I do hope she treats any Varroa infestations with chemicals and not spiritual awareness...

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Yes How wonderful! Her exuberance!

  • Susan L. Chast

    To take the time to be cared for as well as to give, always assuming a mutual relationship. WOW!

  • Carol

    What a delightful woman! Love her attitude toward the natural world and bees in particular. Loved her calm, gentle voice, so full of knowledge and wisdom, plus her lovely smile. She's a force for good. Blessings on her!

  • Anita

    what a lovely woman. I'm so grateful that there are such good people in the world doing such fundamentally important work for our collective well-being.

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