It has been 128 years since the last country abolished slavery, and 53 years since Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, yet we still live in a world where the color of our skin gives a first and leaves a lasting impression. Angelica Dass's portrait project, Humanae, challenges how we think about skin color and ethnicity. What does it mean for us to be "black, white, yellow, red." Is it the eye, the nose, the mouth, the hair? Or does it have to do with our origin, nationality, or bank account? Watch this personal TED talk about Humanae and Dass's pursuit to document humanity's "true" colors.


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  • Charles A Vail, Jr

    It's timely and it's something we all can use to give a new perspective to our own understanding of race and color. An issue I wish we all would understand is that, even within a community of color, there is a real issue of how and why the 'darkness' of that 'color' is imbued with how we perceive status within that community.

  • fie

    People always compare and dream of others appearance to have or imitate, but they never know the presence of what was endowed, in life the most important aspect is creating story from within & relating to the value of need. our strength was not manufactured by comparison hence, the truth of acceptance is the key in promulgating the path of Gods gift.

  • Judy

    Everything. Thank you Angelica. Continue the good works.

  • Len Johnson

    If you mix black and white do you not get gray? Why then are there mo gray children? Is my usage of the English language that screwed up that it's part of the problem, or is there some unsolved mental image? I like your idea to use more accurate words to describe our skin tones. I'm way more pantone 116-5C or 6D, or 7E, or maybe even 115-8G, but definitely, not white.

  • Anne Stewart

    Thank you interesting and courageous address and a wonderful medium for peace and understanding wishes

  • bob sauerbrey

    We are all different shades of tan, so what difference does a 'shade' mean? Nothing!

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. 1love. 1People! Thanks Angelica. Be encouraged in your work! Peace be with U!

  • Mary Matayoshi

    The colors represent Hawaii which welcomes people of all colors.


    It was informative, personal, and deeply moving about a topic that needs to go viral and thanks to Angelica is making it's way around the globe. Thank you Angelica for your intelligence, your ingenuity, and your passion.

  • Cat Greenstreet

    What really moved me was the authenticity of Angelica's life, the integration of her own wounds with who she is, an incredible artist that cares deeply for humanity and grew up in a family without racism. The way her work has been welcomed into the world is a sign of the hunger in all of our hearts to come together as one human race.

  • Ken Meehan

    Her passion ,and courage to be love in her calling to touch others that feel what she feels and to have the strength to love no matter what gets in her way. Love has the strength to transform anything that gets in its way.

  • Ellen W.

    Brilliant use of color. I am grateful.

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