An article in a local newspaper spurred Amy Murphy to ask a local fried chicken restaurant if she could have their leftovers at the end of the night. With the help of friends, the Chicken Lady sets up the equivalent of a pop-up restaurant every Monday to serve her homeless friends. Murphy does not consider what she does "feeding the homeless," rather, it is serving friends. They are part of the same community - she is a part of their lives, and they are a part of hers.


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  • Sandra

    I just watched this lady on UNC TV, and I was in tears!!! She us doing a really good job wirh helping others!! I worked for Churches Chicken when I was younger, and hated to see that food go in the trash. PLEASE keep doing what your doing Chicken Lady, your reward is being stored up in Heaven!! ❤❤

  • Janice

    God Bless the Chicken Lady!!!!! I also wish I could do something like that!!!!

  • Rachael

    There are some good people out there...

  • Sarah

    It is very touching and inspiring as a video,and easy to follow in the same direction, to emulate, when the weather is as cold as it is right now.What a great woman!

  • patjos

    Amy is now writing at

  • Marilyn

    Loving Heart and caring for others who need help. God Bless her , she will be awarded for her good deeds. Good luck and God Bless you....

  • Karen

    One person can make a difference. We are all connected.

  • Linda

    The Chicken Lady is an inspiration. She has compassion to help those who are in need and that is important. Incredible

  • Jorge

    It is inspiring to get to know this kind of anonymous heroes. I realize the power of love.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team! She found Her purpose and we can see that it's so fulfulling!!!! Great news. Peace on Earth!

  • Amy Murphy

    Thanks all. You are so kind. The truth is that I receive a blessing many times over from this work - much more than the other way around. My friends have changed my life. If you'd like to read more about this work and how it has evolved, check out my blog, I have learned so much: it does not help to simply give to folks who are in need. If we give food, if we give housing, we are only addressing symptoms - and it has zero lasting effect. If, on the other hand, we mentor families - find out why that child is coming to school hungry - and assist folks as they deal with the CAUSES of hunger and homelessness, then we can, as a community, move mountains. It really will take a huge "village." Bless you for your caring hearts. Amy

  • rach

    Wishing I could do something like that.... Though I have to get a car first

  • Peggy

    She put herself out there...and made the sharing personal. She looks them in the eye, instead of looking away. She is sharing from her heart, and that's how Amy really helped these people BE a part of the community. Because of her big heart they are not sitting on the edge of a community, she has expanded the community and made it inclusive. Beautiful! Thank you Chicken Lady for your example!

  • L.Light

    You are an extraordinary blessing in this life ... gives hope to many that in the midst of hard times there are still beautiful beings... Thank you...

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to serving our friends. Here's to "we are the same." Because we are <3

  • Jack

    It is the attitude with which Amy shares her love. "We are the same" "They just didn't have help." And that she appreciates that they don't resent her. They don't because she removed any barriers or judgment. What a beautiful person. I'd love to meet her!

  • Margaret

    Anyone can be a hero. It just takes a heart and initiative, and others will come around to help out. She's wonderful and an inspiration.

  • Maria

    How she put it all together. Awesome. Sure made me smile

  • LL

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this: "serving friends" - beautiful - and how graceful of those friends to not resent her - each such important lessons. I am humbled, awed, moved, and in adoration and admiration for all those in this video.

  • Shyam

    Wonderful efforts,. Inspiring. Kindness personified.

  • Phyllis

    Amy's love of humanity is inspiring...she's a wonderful example of folks just shining their light wherever they are in life. She truly is an everyday hero!!!

  • Garrity Marianne M

    Appreciated "serving friends" and also when she said the recipients did not hold it against her that she went home at night to a home. Amy felt that she received acceptance from the folks that shared the food. I received 2 valuable insights from this video. Beautiful.

  • Marianna

    i was impressed that she acted on her generous impulse; created a full meal for them with side dishes; is humble; got to know them as people; saw that the only difference was their lack of a support system. Thanks for including this in your library, Karma Tube support team.

  • Roger Haman

    The Love that The Chicken Lady has for the unfortunate .

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  • The Sandwich Man is another everyday hero who has cared for his homeless friends every day for over 12 years.
  • Is there something you can do to meet a need in your community?

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