In a time of racial bigotry, this short film is a welcoming change that celebrates humanity's oneness and universality of life. Soccer has no borders - literally! The narrative shares some deeply inspiring stories of children of the world who have escaped tragic conditions to lead a new life of hope. Using soccer as a means to transcend their differences, these under-privileged youth have overcome their fears and impediments to successful living. May we all arrive at a world without physical borders and mental boundaries!


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  • Learn More about "Soccer without Borders" and some ways you may contribute through volunteering.
  • Sadly, more than half of the refugees are children. Their only hope of survival is access to safe and a nurturing environment. Learn about the refugee crisis and its devastating impact on children.
  • In this period of humanitarian crisis, think, how can you contribute to make this world a better place.  No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

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