Who is Billy Barr and how has he single-handedly produced remarkable evidence of climate change? For the past four decades, Barr has lived alone in a cabin in the remote, ghost town of Gothic, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains, one of the United State's coldest locations. With no external incentives, or formal training in the field, he began keeping meticulous snowfall records to escape boredom during the harsh winter months. Now his extensive research has proven invaluable to the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab and many other scientists around the world. This short video offers a compelling glimpse of Barr's unconventional life and contributions.


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  • Ted

    "If you're going to fall, fall on your butt. It's a lot easier than falling on your face." Sage words of wisdom. As billy suggested, it's hard to imagine how we can reverse what is already happing. Adaptation and learning how to be more resilient (which Americans are decidedly not) are keys to our survival...if it's still in the cards.

  • Don Hallum

    Something for Mr. Cole to consider: If there aren't enough records to verify any correct analysis, how do we know whether or not climate change at this rate is unprecedented? If we can never know if it is, wouldn't it be prudent to error on the side that this is unprecedented, and do something about it for the sake of future generations?

  • David Cole

    One man's analysis and record keeping in the Rockies proves somewhere near zero. Don't have long enough records to verify any correct analysis. The planet has gone from hot to cold and cold to warm and back to cold over eon periods of geological history.

  • Bart

    I say interestingly enough emissions from any type of fossil fuel is usually the blame. Too many cars and trucks on the road, to burning fireplaces, etc. Products to keep us all beautiful such as aerosol formulated cosmetics sometime get a bad rap. But, what is actually putting more into the protective layer that surrounds our planet? Surprisingly enough it is livestock. You never hear much about that subject because there is too much money in it. If you follow the money you will get a true picture of our state of being. if we all became vegetarians, there would be less pollution and enough food to feed the world. Water of course is another subject for a later discussion. Good for billy with a small b. Live simple and carry a small stick.

  • Rachael

    Perhaps the temperature and rainfall records that I'm keeping will serve a greater purpose some day...

  • Jean

    His amazing dedication, and meticulous records have given us another reason to pay sufficient attention to our affect on the world around us,and thereby understand what a profound effect we have on nature.

  • Danette

    More of a question -- what led billy to withdraw from society and live life as a hermit in the middle of very challenging weather conditions? Inspiring that one person can make a difference, although that did not seem to be explored in any depth in the video because I'm not real up on climate change so not really clear on how billy's research has proven invaluable.

  • Anne

    billy has always inspired me. Thank you for your dedication to the special places around RMBL.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    One person's passion making a difference. Thank you Billy!

  • Linda

    Billy's simple way of living and connection with nature is inspiring.

  • Michael Denmeade

    His simple but convicted living.

  • marina

    Billy's dedication and persistence. And internal strength.

  • Theresa DuBois

    Glad to see that Billy has been able to live his life the way that he wants to. I am happy that he shared his knowledge and experience. I am not sure what this says about climate change except not hopeful and adapt. While i know this - it would have been great to learn how science is using his record keeping information to teach others and influence policy makers and planners.

  • Kay Coll

    Billy's bonding with nature, his desire to learn what is happening around him. He's having a conversation with the snow by paying attention to its movement, its changes as you would with anyone you cared about. Watching a child grow or a loved one aging or a cancer victim's life ebbing away requires contemplation. Billy is a contemplative showing us how to live the connected life, united with all and doing the menial tasks required for the benefit of all.

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