Poor neighborhoods in India typically have low literacy rates because residents do not have the resources necessary to educate their children. 9-year-old Muskaan Ahirwar is working to change this in her impoverished neighborhood in Bhopal. In January 2016, she opened a library outside her house to give kids free access to books and a place to read. She started with just a few books and now has several hundred from around the world. Her library gets 25 visitors a day and the kids play knowledge games and hold competitions to see who can read the most. The library has given those kids who used to wander the streets a place to go and read regularly. "Whoever has the drive to learn, they should start their own library and start learning, and study like us and get ahead in life" says Muskaan.


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  • Bradley

    Our future is so bright with young people like Muskaan. Sometimes all us "adults" have to do is get out of their way and let the children do what they will. We can then just offer our support<3.

  • Tony Kaperick

    Yes to Polly's idea on where to send books? I keep sending books to Goodwill that my kid has outgrown. Happy to pay the postage if you have address... if that would help. I dont want to overwhelm or get out of sustainable approach here. And if other way to help/support would be useful, let us know. Thanks, Tony


    Really good thing

  • Saphronia Young

    Muskaan Ahirwar is a powerful person already. She is aware that her mind is the most amazing force in the universe, and she is confident enough to lead others to learn with her, rather than using her knowledge to gain a competitive edge over others. She will go far, and those who walk with her will, also. I intend to walk with her and contribute books to improve literacy today.

  • Polly Armstrong

    Where can I send books to support this beautiful person and beautiful idea.

  • ram anjaneyulu

    i have to implement the same from today.

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  • Get involved with the World Literacy Foundation to help increase literacy around the world.
  • Start a Little Free Library in your community to help promote reading and generosity. 
  • Give books as presents to the children in your life to help them develop a love for reading.

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