Jane Goodall makes an impassioned plea for each of us to make what difference we can to give future generations a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable planet. While no one individual can solve the problems we have created, billions of people working together most certainly can.


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  • ronny

    I feel a very deep pity, compassion for what is going on on our Earth, human beings destroy on a large scale out of ignorance, greed, money, power… the connection between body and soul is broken. Thank you Jane..others for making tis video

  • Melissa

    When she said we have a window of time. Because I believe so much that This world can be fixed if we as humans put an effort in it. If we can come together as one human kind can be saved.

  • Teddi

    Beautiful reminder about taking care of our mother earth.

  • Elizabeth Haberkorn Rey

    Impressive and compelling, thank you Jane!!

  • Claire Heinzelman

    The gentle acceptance in her voice while telling of our great urgency.. to protect our planet home for the future of all! Such wisdom. Such compassion. Such an ask from all of us! Thank you Jane and all who made this film. Let us begin and constellate...

  • Mary Moulder

    This brought back the teachings of my foster dad, the late Chief Arnold General,Iroquois Six Nations, Ontario. He warned of "the greed factor", and that all decisions must be made for "the faces coming up", the children nine generations from now. He believed The Creator was great and good, and an attitude of thankfulness should be our everyday duty to The Creator and to Mother Earth. It is our duty to protect the Gift The Creator had given us.


    Beautifully said, Jane Goodall! It's not hopeless, yet.....

  • Sameera V. Thurmond

    Everything Ms. Goodall said and everything the video portrayed inspired me. Of course, I have been in agreement with the principles of living in harmony with people, animals and the environment. While I can only control my actions, I learned that any change that is needed MUST begin with me.

  • carol

    what beautiful nature we have and we who believe that it can be saved unfortuntaley are a majority but a minorty for the multibillion dollar companies and lobby and worldwide politicians that are not concerned about us, until one day it will touch them personally. I will fight.

  • Janette St Pierre

    Dearest Jane, thank you for all your help. I am spreading your message. I love you <3

  • Leah

    to remember that I am part of the problem and that is shameful and I will be part of the solution

  • Gillian Asher

    Jane Goodall, you are such a beautiful human being and so so inspiring. Love you.

  • Alice Kast

    Dear Jane, it was your voice which called me back to this message The calm and gentle Yes, we can hear your words Each understanding them differently Using a continuum of right/left brain hemispheres learning to access our ancestral grace Learning to listen to all of nature Deep listening and sacred seeing My hope is for opening the connection to that “lizard brain” Energy from the cosmos above to the depths of mother earth Connecting humans to their source of living water Our minds are co-opted by that culturally conditioned left frontal cortex Living creatures do have a heart and mind Connected in different channels So many different intelligences to weave into the web To quote James W. Douglass in Lightning East to West “Satyagraha is truth-force, love-force, soul-force—words describing a process of spiritual transformation which goes far beyond the usual meanings … rooted in the belief that truth/love/soul-force is the most powerful force in existence, a spiritual reality as unexplored today as the power of the atom was a century ago” May it be so that there is a window of opportunity That the message of Mother Earth crying can be heard And responded to Going back to the wild, wise two million year old Dangerous woman Blessings from someone who is called to channel love force As a sister to all creation—as fire in the soul--alicekatherine kast

  • dsethi05@gmail.com

    Thank you for your wisdom .

  • Marilyn Hageniers

    to do more for our planet every day

  • Barbara

    Jane spoke so eloquently and powerfully about the power of the individual. This has always been so - being thoughtful, small acts of kindness, conscious decisions, personal intent, etc - they all have an impact. xx

  • yvonne

    the facts.we can never go beyond the facts...the gut level truth is....we cannotblame anyone....simply because..each one of us is to blame..I pray that each one who watches this will ask Almighty God to come in and change the thinking that has got each one of us in this mix...On our own we can do nothing...with God’s Spirit of Mercy ...we can move mountains.....let each one of us ...become open to the Spirit of God.....we tiny ants cannot move anything on our own....but the very thought of us each gathered together in the voice of loving concern...can move all mountains of doubt.

  • Jyoti

    Death one of us makes a difference each and every day"" what a powerful ,moving statement giving us hope to serve the Mother Nature right way!

  • Martin strasmore

    So many small actions we can take moment by moment will make a difference. Turn off lights and water when not needed, don’t use plastic bags to be thrown away and more. As Jane says be more aware of our buying decisions. Especially we can be thoughtful about what we really need. Thanks Jane I would hope our politicians listen too!

  • Jan Tucker

    Jane has a way of expressing key ideas about our condition so succinctly and with such wisdom. This topic is so crucial. May the critical mass she references grow--and grow rapidly. I see it happening. Let's inspire our youth as much as possible. And may our youth inspire each other. Let's approach this with an open heart, with wonder, with connection.

  • Ron J. Weiss

    That we still have a window of time to Save our Humanity

  • Cindy

    a beautiful soul with an imperative message....let’s all do our part...

  • Mansukh Shah

    Very nice video, thank you. A cleaner, healthier and more sustainable planet for us and the future generations is possible . Animal farming is the greatest hinderance to creating this planet. Animal farming uses more water than anything else, Most environmentally-concerned people have been trying to take shorter showers and turn off the tap when we brush our teeth. But while these are good habits, the amount of water we save through these actions pale in comparison to how much we could save by cutting out meat. One hamburger requires 660 gallons of water to produce. Guess how many showers that is. Two months worth. More than two-thirds of all the fresh water in the world is used exclusively for animal agriculture. Even if you simply go vegetarian and not vegan, you reduce your water footprint use by almost 60 percent. Animal agriculture is taking up the land unnecessarily . We can grow crops t feed the world. Livestock covers 45 percent of the land on this planet. Yes, almost half of the world is now covered with animals harvested for our consumption. Just thinking about the population growth we've seen in the past few decades, it is safe to say we are going to need a lot of that land in the near future. Sadly, in many places that aren't highly regulated by national governments, innocent communities are displaced in order to claim their land for factory farming. More than 80 percent of Amazon rainforest destruction is due to the animal agriculture industry. Every minute that passes, 36 football fields of the Amazon is deforested to make room for cattle. The consequences of this extend further than just tearing down trees: Innumerable unrelated plant species are lost, most of them vital to the world’s oxygen supply, and environmental activists are killed in the meantime. Animal agriculture is a serious poluter of the air Animal agriculture emits 18 percent of greenhouse gases into the air each year; more than all transportation in the world combined, which accounts for 13 percent. It is also annually accountable for more than 32 billion tons of carbon dioxide and 65 percent of nitrous oxide emissions, a gas that stays in the atmosphere for one hundred and fifty years. It’s impossible to deny that factory farming is the leading cause of climate change. Every minute, animals raised in the United States for food produce seven million pounds of excrement (this does not include farms out of the USDA jurisdiction). One dairy cow produces the same amount of waste in one day as twenty to forty human beings. Altogether, livestock excrement discharges 150 billion gallons a day of methane, a gas proven to be nearly 25 times more dangerous than CO2. Then there is ammonia, which combines with other elements in the air and causes respiratory disorders and contributes to acid rain — more than 70 percent of all ammonia emissions comes from factory farming. It is causing species extinction GO VEGAN for the animals, for your health and for MOTHER EARTH

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    She see's it

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