A film by Green Renaissance.

Don't miss this busy, vibrant woman who is continually active on her farm, doing the chores, loving the animals (she looks into the eyes of each one every day). Everyone wants to know when she will stop, but she says never! Even if they put her in a coffin she says she will stand up again and start walking. Why? Because while every day may not be fun, there's always a reason to get up and be going - to make every day count. Take in her rich life and find your own riches.


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  • Maggie Fourie says the mountains and rivers are in her blood. Watch how another family thrives on their remote Island of Plenty.
  • Go to Green Renaissance and show your appreciation of their work bringing us these wonderful 'shots' of real life.
  • Maggie says she has a reason to get up every morning. Look for this positive attitude in yourself. What is the reason you will get up tomorrow?

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