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Don't miss this busy, vibrant woman who is continually active on her farm, doing the chores, loving the animals (she looks into the eyes of each one every day). Everyone wants to know when she will stop, but she says never! Even if they put her in a coffin she says she will stand up again and start walking. Why? Because while every day may not be fun, there's always a reason to get up and be going - to make every day count. Take in her rich life and find your own riches.


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  • Ralph

    I love Maggie

  • Kevyn Yip

    Movement can be healing as much as stillness

  • James O'Donovan

    I find it extraordinary that people commenting below seem to believe that this farmer loves the animals she raises when she willingly send baby lambs to slaughter when they are six months old (life expectancy is ten to twelve years). Do you not see the barbed wire around the animals? Very disappointing that Karma tube don't seem to understand the very detrimental karma that comes from harming others and seems to be promoting animal agriculture which is the leading cause of biodiversity loss on the planet.

  • Joane Love

    Am inspired to live my next life exactly as she did, may I come back a very busy farm person just like Maggie!

  • Heather Podrow

    Maggie is a sweetheart and so wise. Thank you for this wonderful video.

  • Audrey

    Live life fully and with joy.

  • ilene

    Maggie is an inspiration to all of us. She gets the point. Money does not make you happy. Your life may be easier at times when you have money but relationships with other living creatures will give you a form of wealth that is beyond any number, beyond any desire..LOVE. Love for yourself and all living creatures ~ even the trees, flowers, and weeds! If you leave this life with Love for many, you have lived a life worth living.

  • Marlis

    Now I have a new role model to aspire to mature into. Her strong resolve to make every minute count is an inspiration and poetic example of what it is to truly live.

  • aleandra merrin

    Thank you for reminding me of what really matters....I have only one animal in my life. Everyday I look my sweet Frankie dog in the eyes and acknowledge our time together is temporary. This brings a richness of joy to every moment we share. Thank you for reminding us there's always enough love to go around.

  • Abby

    Your passion for what you do, and loving animals the way you do is an inspiration to me. I am just amazed by your strength and beauty. You give us all hope for our future.

  • Abby

    I want to become like this one day, where my life is so fulfilled but I still want to do more. I really admire this woman for what she does,and only hope to be as wise and as kind in my old age as she is. She still has so much life inside of her and it's beautiful to see. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ruby

    Maggie's Spirit. Her positivity, her love of life, of animals. Her fearlessness. Her determination to live the way she wishes to live. HER INNER PASSION THAT IS SOOOOOOO POWERFUL. AHO!!!

  • Nancy

    A complete privilege to watch this. I love her so and thank Maggie so. Blessings to you Maggie RESPECTING LIFE and the animals. You are a true EARTH MOTHER. I send you a bouquet of Red roses & Sun flowers to celebrate Mother's Day. Bless you and BE WELL. Stay Well.

  • Jo-Neal

    Maggie understands deeply what is valuable in life. What a lovely soul she is! She offers wonderful inspiration!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Oh the roses on each animal's grave to see the beauty = such wonderful perspective. And the fact that her energy and desire to continue her work on the farm seems from passion not producing. ♡♡♡♡

  • R.D.

    Deeply inspiring to witness her living a life so full of love and passion and affection for her animals!! God bless you Maggie,may you always have this same zest to do the things you love to do, before you decide to rest.

  • David M.

    Maggie matured gracefully and fully. A good way to proceed in life until the last breath.

  • Bill

    An unquenchable love for life. Through loving and giving of herself she has found peace and contentment. A wonderful role model.

  • Marg

    Maggie,(my name by the way) is a philosopher writ large. She epitomizes what it means to live life with purpose, love and insight into the human condition. Bravo Maggie.

  • Lisa R.

    Maggie completely reframed aging. She has love, meaning and purpose in her life and she refuses to be deterred by family, culture, ageism, or age-related difficulties. I want to join her and her precious goats in the deep caring, open spaces, hard and passionate work, motivation and contentment. Keep on going, Maggie! I will too! Thank you, Maggie, you are truly an inspiration!

  • Joan

    Such a zest for life and living. Always giving and receiving love. Love the idea of putting up a sign when she passes, here lays Maggie, finally still. I suppose that means no longer moving but her stillness is within as she engages in life and her farm animals.

  • sippi

    What a glorious soul she is! I have a feeling she has more than five or ten years left... being so active but mostly being so LOVING, she lives a healthier life than anyone I know. (I wish the presenters had said WHERE she lives.)

  • Nicole

    I just so loved Maggie’s zest for life and making each moment rich with caring and experience! So beautiful!

  • Diane Hong

    Inspiring to be of an age and still going strong wh a beautiful attitude.

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