Two strangers sit next to each other on a park bench, one a young man and one an older man. They strike up a conversation about the weather. With that simple beginning this short film, which won many awards at film festivals, consists of several beautiful shared moments seen through the lens of compassion. The many ways of seeing and sharing that are evoked enrich the men on the bench and all who witness their interaction.


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  • Patricia Cleary

    The power of the unseen made me cry but it was more than that it was the connection between the 2 men that made the unseen seen

  • Sabine

    It is not what we really "see" (feel, experience...), that makes our lifes, but what we pay attention to - and what we want to see:-)

  • Heather

    That both men were pursuing joy - and provided it to each other!

  • Margaret

    I think the young man was ‘blind’ too. But he had a beautiful lens into sharing what he was ‘seeing’ an deas inspired and shaped by this compassionate encounter. Let’s suppose that the young man was not really blind and the end scene is him imagining what it would be like to be without eyesight. Those of us who have eyesight often do not see.

  • Marilyn

    One man helping another to see/imagine the world that he can not see. The joy that these two shared truly brightened my day. :-)

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful connection and opening to see what one wishes to see and then sharing that hope with another. And yes, the end, flipping that perspective. Both helping each other to "see" through connecting. <3

  • Henry Niedzwiecki

    the last part, seeing the man with the glasses walking with a cane.

  • Maura

    What inspired you about this video?At the end I thought maybe the young man was blind too and when he sat at the bench he didn’t know that he was with another unseeing one. Someone who asked him to describe the park. I thought maybe he was picturing scenes for the both of them. A good connection however you look at it !

  • Barb

    The joy on the old man's face as his darkness was filled by the young man's discretion S.

  • Helen GP

    The way they shared what one man was describing to the other and the enjoyment both of them felt. Makes one realise it is important to be more aware of what is happening around us and the people there, who might enjoy a short chat when they are alone.

  • lynne

    The honesty of the moment. To take the time to see!!!! what is really there. It physically made my heart warm. :)

  • Anne

    To offer what the heart sees is a reminder of how limited our senses can be...lovely to experience what was felt and offered in this precious video.

  • Mish

    The very end...where you see the younger man walking along with a my mind, it was the older man walking there, feeling young again & renewed , thanks to their share ❤️

  • Lorraine De Cuyper

    We can brighten someone's day by helping them to experience something uplifting. Share the positive perspectives you have with someone who is down. When you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

  • Jane Jackson

    The instant connection that was formed between two strangers, and how each saw clearly with his heart and spoke to the other from that place.

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  • Read one man's perspective on seeing not through our eyes alone. 
  • Experience how beauty reaches beyond sight through another powerful video. 
  • As you go through your day be aware of what you "see" with your heart. How would you describe that to someone else?

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