We humans are members of the Universe who must take life in order to live our own lives. How do we learn to honor and respect the countless lives that sustain us? We can begin with please and thank you. Listen as Robin Wall Kimmerer gently shares the wisdom of the honorable harvest.


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  • Colleen

    Every word of its content. It was brilliant and a reminder of what we have and what we are squandering. Thank you for the reminder to be kind to every living thing.

  • Nay Tun

    Thank you for some think and knowledge

  • Patricia Decker

    The tone of voice of the speaker was very inspiring. She spoke with so much love, awareness, compassion and knoweledge. Thank you.

  • Rosemarie Anderson

    Very poignant video with a clear, honorable message. Rosemarie

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for sharing protocol, thank you for honoring speaking to plants, sharing, care taking. Taking the time to be grateful. We so deeply need this reminder, thank you for the beautiful visual journey.

  • Fabiana Fondevila

    So lovely, so true, so profoundly moving! Thank you!

  • Nicholas Heap

    Powerful, simple, beautiful and profound! Thank you.

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  • Deepen your understanding of how plants teach the precepts of the Honorable Harvest.
  • Listen to an in-depth interview with Robin Wall Kimmerer  sharing the intelligence of plants from the radio program OnBeing.
  • Begin to practice the precepts of the Honorable Harvest in your day. You can start by greeting the life form nourishing you by name, thoroughly enjoying the gift by sharing it with someone, and expressing your heartfelt gratitude outloud.

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