A film by Ian MacKenzie.

In his lifetime Stan Rushworth, an elder of Cherokee descent who was raised by his grandfather, has seen a river die, animals disappear, and the proliferation of box stores. The devastation of climate change is not new to him - his elders have been telling him about it all of his life. The traditional indigenous wisdom that is needed now is looking at how indigenous populations have managed to survive a 95% population reduction through destruction and genocide. He calls on us all to come back to right relationship, to be sorrowful for what is happening, because without this we have lost our humanity. And yet we cannot stop with the sorrow and tears because "there's too much work to be done" and we must figure out together how to do that work.


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  • Laura

    The depth of knowledge Stan has brought with him from his heritage is an enormous gift to humanity. it's not about eliminating any human you deem unnecessary, it's about the value of each human because they are a child of the Creator and their life has purpose and meaning. Each soul has a purpose driven life and Mother Earth helps people find their spiritual life!

  • Karen

    Knowing truth when I hear it.

  • Patricia

    The way Stan directed us within to feel our sorrows and the to acknowledge our kinship, Right Relationship’,. To ask, how did we get here? And to move into a loving relationship.

  • Barbara

    There is an extraordinary wisdom that comes as a gift to us from indigenous peoples. We ought to listen with acuteness to what they have to say and teach us. That said, I am an individual with very poor hearing and when trying to listen to many of the KarmaTube videos, I miss a great deal to my dismay. Is there a way to get subtitles on the videos that I may not be aware of? Thank you for your consideration

  • Richard

    We are obliged as human beings to follow, among others, our Indigenous elders' advice and Pope Francis, who also sends a similar message of solidarity and of tenderness for the Earth & each other. Can we survive if the wealthiest and the most powerful men on the planet don't feel the same?

  • Antonio Rey

    Stan and I share the same soapbox. I too, learned about how not to live from my Yaqui/Mayo father. Along the way, I have had several mentors, medicine men, curanderas, and others who all have said what Stan is saying. I was adopted into a Lakota/Dakota family and since have sundanced and vision quested for 17 years. If I dwell too long on all the horrific things going on I get stuck in sorrow. One of my mentors said that it is important to not lose HOPE. Hope and faith keep me going forward despite the terror and injustice being handed out to our Mother Earth and the remaining Indigenous people. I'm currently writing a book about my 34 years as an active spiritual representative of the Lakota spiritual way of life. Much of it will be hard to accept and understand by many but I'm writing it anyway. My instruction from the spirit world is to pray daily for the healing of Mother Earth. I believe much hardship will happen before all of humanity truly wakes up. Thank you Stan.

  • Claire Willis

    this is so moving and heart breaking. This is such an important clip. The healing requires not only our humility but our action as well. Our predatory ways - what a compelling phrase. We have so much healing. Perhaps the pandemic has finally shown us how interconnected we are - that we are kinship with all. . We need to remember that and act from there.

  • Jean

    He tells the truth. I once spent a week on the Navaho reservation and I learned a lot. When we first arrived instead of respecting the indigenous people we took from them and then pushed them out of their country. $$ and power and greed have taken over. Will we ever learn?

  • Laura

    "only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we cannot eat money"...19th century Cree

  • H.Carol Schmidt

    The wisdom of Stan Rushworth. And yes there is too much work to do . Thank you.

  • Charlotte

    Everything! Ian Mackenzie's beautiful photography and artistry in producing the film; Stan Rushworth for who he is, his wonderful voice and penetrating insights telling us his story and how our story needs to change. Thank you, Ian! Thank you, Stan!!

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  • Listen to a conversation with Stan Rushworth on how we are all related
  • Explore more deeply through this interview what the current crisis is revealing about The Changing Earth
  • Considering right relationship as meaning changing both our individual and social structures so that our way of life honors all of creation, create a plan for how you can move closer to living in right relationship.

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