Happiness Family Farm is a Black-owned CSA farm in Portland, Oregon. Rosata, her husband, Prosper, and son, Japhety, work year-round to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables for the local community. They feature a unique assortment of vegetables from all over the world, bringing a taste of home to many in their community.


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  • Diane

    Beautiful. I love to see a family farm with everyone working together.

  • Raul Rodriguez

    Inspirational because a pressing need was fulfilled by people who care about other people. This kitchen is an act of Social Positive Deviance that is not driven by capitalism.

  • Bonnie

    I am surprised that this family farm exists in the U.S. I don't know what a CSA farm is. I'm understanding that this black family owns the farm, grows the vegetables and markets them. How did they acquire the land? One lady who escaped Burundi owns the land?

  • Tanuja

    I just felt connected to the family. Also reminded of the quote" HArdwork always pays",it just shows in this family.The way they are growing- not only organic way of farming also how organic their emotions, thoughts and living is. The crowd who eat this kind of grown food will also thrive with positivity.

  • Faith Chiment

    I feel inspired by these beautiful people!caring for the Earth with such compassion and love. I am very much reminded of my Italian grandmother’s garden, and see how growing vegetables and fruit is a very real way of making community and fostering hope.

  • Donna Vanderheiden

    Portland, OR is nearby. I am inspired that this community connection with Nature is there. Their Connection strengthens us all.

  • selma lila

    How beautiful life is. I can so relate to this with my roots in Africa. It is hard work, I am sure.

  • Patrick Watters

    We have our own wonderful family farm here in urban Sacramento — Ysrael Family Farm. Check them out.

  • Margaret Thompson

    I want to go to their home for dinner! Delicious healthy looking food.

  • Paul Mackezie

    Very inspired by how this family adapted to Oregon after the trauma of their lives. Another small step toward a global village. Burundi has great traditional farmers. Small organic farms are a hope for the future.

  • Len

    What a beautiful farm and feeling touched by this lovely family business. I sure hope lots of folk support these Happy energetic people. The best of blessings to you all!

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