Alice Fox manages a plot of land that provides her with food for her body, materials for her art, and sustenance for her spirit. Sustainability underpins all of her work. She looks closely at everything she finds on this plot of land, engaging with it, finding ways to utilize it or at the very least to appreciate it. By noticing the detail in everything she discerns the possibilities it offers. This personal engagement with her surroundings and the art she creates from them are a celebration of the natural world in which she finds herself.


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  • Sandy

    What a new idea for me of paying attention to what is around me, and what I can do to utilize it. At the very least, what a gift she gives us of just looking and soaking in what's around us!

  • Trudy Bixby

    Thank you Alice for honoring the beauty of our Mother Earth and caring for her with love.

  • Harshida Mehta

    Creating art from natural resources around us is very inspiring. Thank you Alice for your creativity and for loving art and nature so deeply.

  • Mary Alice Dooley

    Alice's love of nature and total dedication to what it provides

  • Cedrus

    Absoulutely inspiring. Thank you for this.

  • Kerem KART

    Our brain often misguides us on what truly makes us happy. While we constantly chase money, power and fame in urban life, true happiness springs from living a simple, self-sufficient and sustainable life. There are enough joy in nature, if you can look out its details as Alice does.

  • Lynn

    The simplicity and the focus on what is most important in this life. Reference for mother earth and all of it's bounty. Finding joy, peace and freedom in the moment. Heart felt thanks to Ms.Fox for sharing her experiences.

  • Heather Podrow

    The bounty of Mother Nature continually surprises me. I am glad that Ms. Fox is able to celebrate her in this way.

  • Patrick Watters

    A delightful little film about one woman’s idyllic life on a wonderful plot of land. Of course most of us don’t have the same blessing now opportunity., especially if we are responsible for others humans. But we can take much from how Alice lives and apply it to our own lives in sustainable living.

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  • Learn more about Alice Fox and her creations from found objects and the art of place.
  • Read about how the women of the Sogorea Te' Land Trust are re-mothering the land.
  • Take a leisurely walk in your community, noticing details that you may have missed. Are there things being discarded that have potential for use if you see them with new eyes?

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