The filmmaker of this video shares a transformative moment with a person experiencing homelessness: Walking along a busy street in Edinburgh, my eye caught a sign resting at the feet of a man sitting on the pavement outside a posh hotel. It simply read, 'I am a human being.' It stopped me dead in my tracks. Kneeling down to take a closer look, I struck up a conversation with Sparky. And what started as a quick chat, turned into a few hours together, while Sparky shared his story with us. We need to remember that every person, regardless of their situation, is a human being with dignity, with a name, a story, a family and a history – like all of us. We're all human.


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  • Kiran

    Such a beautiful message!

  • Dr. Norman Lorenz

    I shared this video clip with my community college class. As you know, we have high disproportionately impacted student groups. What struck us the most was his story and circumstances, yet, sees a beautiful world. As humans, we really can help one another. Thank you for offering this resource to us.

  • Beth

    I was especially touched when he told his daughter that one day she will be proud of him.

  • Michael

    I was inspired by hearing this man's story so I could understand him better and see that he's much like me and all of us.

  • dinah morgan

    hello beautiful humans, my daughter, stephanie, died suddenly at age 18...her birthday is 9th is that day in australia...she was my twin soul and a great teacher...i have a belief system that gives me the curiosity to love each day as it comes. blessings xxx

  • Rose Tarquinio

    one more thing.... we need to all remember that we are ALL children of God..... by the Grace of God go I...

  • Rose Tarquinio

    2 things- 1- his eyes- the eyes are the window of the soul- he has such deep sadness and hopelessness- I pray he gets up and makes his life what he wants it to be. 2- my husband and I work in Drug and Alcohol- I run the program in a women's state prison and he runs a faith based program- he has provided food, shelter and housing for man men. Unfortunately many would rather remain homeless then give up their drugs and alcohol- so incredibly sad. So in some cases I see people who are homeless through no fault of their own due to life circumstances and in some cases I see them homeless because they do not want to change their life style and stop drinking. God bless them all and I pray that they take the hand that is trying to help them

  • Lynn B.

    Hearing the homeless man tell his story. (A few of us on Vancouver Island, BC are planning on doing a similar thing here in our small city, Nanaimo, starting in 2022 - assisting the homeless tell their stories (video). Very powerful for all concerned! This really does reinforce that we are all human and that we are ONE.

  • Lola Blevins

    What struck me the most about this piece, along with feeling very saddened by this man’s plight, were his words and deep feelings that mind me of the power of having a purpose in life. This man lost is purpose in life, and I am most saddened that he has not been guided to help him into his purpose. Perhaps this filmmaker has offered him a glimpse. Isn’t this a beautiful reflection of offering himself to others who may need this message.

  • Tiffany

    Powerful film, thank you sincerely. It really reminded me that everyone has a story and that unresolved trauma (wounds) underlie the stories of people who are homeless. Also I was inspired by his attitude, wisdom, and focus on Love.

  • Richard Orlando

    "We're all stardust, man" Sparky said, and he's absolutely right! The late astronomer Carl Sagan & astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson say that the "atoms in our bodies trace to the remnants of exploding stars": see page 235 in Tyson's book, "Cosmic Queries" (2021). Also, the poet Walt Whitman wrote in 1856, "every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you."

  • Sandesh Bk

    It really help me a lot. I'm at my 20s feeling broke and depressed.This sir speech changes my perception of life what I used to think. Thankyou for this video.

  • Cindy Parker

    Just the fact someone took the time to talk with him.

  • Amma Thanasanti

    When we loose what keeps us connected. When we dont have a community that holds us to process that grief, it compounds what we carry. The pressure changes who and what we are.

  • Michael Lucas

    God bless all the homeless!

  • Jennifer M Miller

    I feel inspired by this man and his good heart. I want to help him and thank him for the reminder of this short life and the simplicity of love.

  • Patrick Watters

    Wherever we go there are souls that simply desire to talk story, to have human hearts shake hands in Kairos moments as time stops. I too have experienced it in Edinburgh with an itinerant bagpiper street musician on a busy King’s Way, to a outdoor neighbor down on Cowgate after midnight. Then of course here in Sacramento too. All of life is story and vision quest, but we often miss the moments due to worldly distractions. Heaven is all around us, but only the heart sees and hears. }:- a.m. (anonemoose monk)

  • Carol E Beck

    t's a testament to the beauty and wisdom within each of us, no matter our circumstances.

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