Grateful Voices is a video project highlighting the stories of seven individuals with seven different life stories, each of whom finds gratefulness amidst pain, suffering and all of life's challenges. For one participant, gratefulness is "like a friend sitting next to me." Whether it be through loss or the acceptance of a disability, they express the gift that it is to be alive in any given moment and a recognition that "there's always another way to go," if an old way is no longer possible. Gratefulness is a path to what is possible.


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  • Duncan Bethel

    Needed to come across this video today. I’ve been struggling with too much negative self narratives and losing sight about what really matters & all the wonderful things both big & seemingly small that I do have gratitude for.

  • Charlotte

    Everything about this video inspired me to be more grateful right now today.

  • Jyotima Prasad

    Deep gratitude for this heart warming grateful voices video. This gives me immense happiness to see that the world is full of grateful people who are creating the ripple effect and making this world so beautiful ❤️🙏🌎I was given a second chance to live 12 years back and since then I dedicate my life to awaken gratitude consciousness through “ Gratitude & Abundance” movement . I love to remind myself and everyone around “ Human birth is precious , every breathe is a gift. Keep counting your blessings. This video is part of manifestation of my visioning of a grateful world. Thank you thank you thank you. Gratitude is the way.

  • Jo-Neal

    I especially loved what Wendy had to say about in the moment, looking for gratitude. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!

  • Marg Thompson

    I have suffered from depression most of my adult life. I once said to a friend that the experience has not been all bad because I am grateful for my heightened awareness of depression in others. In my role as a teacher I have sensed when a student is depressed and have been able to reach out and help and in one case even prevented a suicide. To be able to save another peron because of my own illness is something I am grateful for.

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  • Read this introduction to the Grateful Voices project. 
  • Explore gratefulness as a practice.
  • Keep a daily gratefulness journal to incorporate gratefulness into your life.

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