Through the use of vivid storytelling the journalist Shankar Vedantam explains the impact of what he terms the "illusion of continuity", the belief that our future selves will share the same perspectives and views as our current selves. He points out that "on an ongoing basis, you are constantly becoming a new person." This creates practical challenges in terms of making promises for our future self and enacting laws that seem enlightened now which may seem archaic in the future. He offers three-fold advice tro handle these challenges: stay curious, practice humility, and be brave.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you. As a Narrative Therapy Practitioner who works with survivors of abuse & violence this deeply resonates. Our present and future serves and the world around us is constantly evolving & changing. Here's to curiosity, humility and being brave Here's to knowing that

  • Shharda

    the reality i didnt know till now. very well explained

  • Sharad

    I had seen this video just a few months back. But there are some parts of the video that struck differently this time (struck harder actually). This simple fact itself comes as a proof that the "me" who saw this video couple of months back is no longer the same "me" as the one who saw this today :))

  • Monica

    Love it. I hope to hear his philosophical way on the Illution of continuity.

  • Diana

    Absolutely. A very compelling speech that is full of wisdom and experience. I especially appreciate the concept of staying curious, something I learned as a young adult and remind myself of often. Thank you.

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  • Read about the life and extensive work of Shankar Vedantam
  • Learn from Hidden Brain about the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior.
  • Consider how you can best stay curious, practice humility, and be brave, so that your future self will say, "Thank you," to your current self. 

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