The garden is a space defined not by it’s physicality but by the emotions it evokes and the connections it provokes. And the act of gardening can change the way we relate to the world around us for the better, giving us perspective and teaching us lessons about life. Our souls are gardens. Our hearts are flowers. They need to be watered, tended, fertilized and loved. Happy gardening!


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  • Mariejo

    So beautifully inspiring♡ Green Renaissance strikes again :))

  • Josie Gulliksen

    Everything, because this is the way I try to live my life. I appreciate nature and all its beauty. I walk in my yard/garden and love when leaves wet with raindrops, brush my leg. I absolutely love this video. It's so soothing and so calming.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I found this video to be so soothing. Just a,beautiful reminder of the importance of love and of tending to it like tending the garden. I resonate with the deep love of grandparents. My Grandmother Annabelle Quigney helped raise me and also taught me every day about loving others through kindness. ♡

  • Chris

    Alberto, Many Blessings , Light and Lovely Transcendence😇 I am Grateful to You and to Love; generational Love Be; Love I lnto the Future, Shine the/Your Light casoul

  • Pine Tree

    What inspired me about this video is his love for his grandparents and for the garden. Two days ago, a not-easy-to-be-with friend came into my garden, for the 1st time. She ended up shaming me for having so many plants to take care of...but the garden--and working in it-- was what my mother did up until her final days...and now I understand why. As she was dying, I got out in her garden & worked because I felt called by the weeds and even the unruliness of the plants themselves--all of which troubled my mom. It started to rain, with lightning and thunder, and my visiting aunt told me I HAD to come in ...but staying out until I finished was a kind of baptism (and I'm not a church person, though I am spiritual). My mother was so happy that I put everything "right' in her garden.

  • Alberto

    The most important thing is LOVE!

  • Jam

    This video made me smile throughout and fall inlove with the Constant Gardener himself. I found myself saying aloud "we are soulmates" - he and his way of being are my mirror and so enchanting. I would happily share his garden and love for life for the rest of my days. He is me and would recognize me immediately should we be in presence of one another. I share a deep sense of belonging in the universe in the way my love for the animals and insects and the flora and fauna of the earth. I frequently find myself talking with them in full sentences as does he. I care for but do not interrupt nature in my humanity but am the humble observer of its perfection, only enhancing where my human touch benefits. I could listen to him extoll the joy and wisdom that imbue his life wholly as he lives them. If you are my soulmate please find me here, I would love to communicate in whatever way you find most pleasing. I do believe we will have much fun and joyful times ahead. With love and admiration for someone who struck me so personally and deeply. I have never done this before but if it's right it's the right thing to do. If this video were to be our only communication albeit one way, it would be fine with my soul. Thank you for making it and mostly I celebrate you for you my Constant Gardener 💕

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  • Nurture your budding gratitude for life through gardening.
  • Choose to plant seeds of love. Fertilize harmony. Water the connections, the underground network where our hearts speak to one another.

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