B. Siddan, known as the Birdman of Bokkapuram, has an expert knowledge of birds in his region of India. He enthusiastically shares his love of birds in this short video, proudly introducing them by name like the old friends that they have become after his many years of bird watching. One such bird friend, a spot-bellied eagle owl, looks down knowingly on him. In holistic conservation, which B. describes as the whole village and all who live in the forest working for its benefit, all species can grow and thrive.


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  • Admin

    Dear Carol and Barbara. Please click on the CC button at the bottom of the video to get the English subtitles.

  • Barbara

    The intro reads like a very interesting and positive video but unfortunately as there were no subtitles I did not know what B. was telling us.

  • Carol Sanford

    What inspired you about this video? Is there an English translation?

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