This is a year-long time-lapse study of the sky, completed on July 28, 2010. Ken Murphy installed a camera on the roof of the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco, California, capturing an image of the sky every 10 seconds. He created a meditation on the ever-changing patterns of light and weather as they cascade across the screen, allowing us to appreciate events that normally occur too slowly for us to observe directly.


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  • Barbara

    So relaxing - I drifted off on a journey into that beautiful blue. Amazing idea and inspiring that Ken brought the concept to fruition and wonderful that it is being shared. Thank you.

  • Bonnie

    Very meditative in the world of complex ever accelerqtin pace of life in the city down here.

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  • Meet a whole community of people dedicated to looking up at the sky.
  • Look up into the night sky with the help of the Griffith Observatory free public telescopes.
  • Create your own meditation of the ever-changing present moment. Focus your presence on something each day. Give it your undivided attention, however long that lasts. Notice the patterns of light and sound, smell and texture.

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