What if all this time we’ve been greedy for the wrong things? What if the work we're doing to solve the world's problems is destined to stay small and ultimately fail? In this talk, filled with gripping stories and humbling experiences, Hawah Kasat, an award-winning community organizer and leader, explores some of the deep illusions behind the social sector. In a world that is crumbling between our fingers, is it possible that traditional non-profits are actually distracting us from solving the underlying problems that make them needed in the first place? Hawah invites us to reflect more deeply on whether we are spending our time and energy effectively. As non-profits struggle to gather the sparse resources provided to them through philanthropies, Hawah asks—what if we fundamentally rethink what non-profits and businesses look like? What if we start with the premise that helping a few struggling people when millions are suffering is not good enough? What if we get more greedy and stop being content with anything less than lasting, systems-level change? If we want to solve the biggest global problems we’ll have to unite all sectors of society and dare to become “a different type of greedy!"


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you for confirming our need to focus more on how to change the broken systems that lead to these problems in the first place. As a Narrative Therapy Practitioner, this is my work to get to the root of tge problem in the systems and consider how we then change them with a new preferred narrative. Here's to getting all the starfish home

  • Susan C

    The idea that non-profits, by developing models that address symptoms and save a disproportional few, can be a distraction from NOT addressing the root causes -- not stopping the flow of harm --is a brilliant idea. Corporations are always "greenwashing" happy to get credit for their pittance donations while making things worse. Marianne Williamson would agree with this talk. I am not sure that upholdng "greedy" will not backfire. Catchy reversal, but dangerous. I know of other hybrid enterprises that provide jobs, while focusing on regeneration. The Inn at Shakermill Falls, for instance. All are struggling for lack of capital investment. Beyond capitalism -- yes. Working together -- yes. Influencing values -- now we are talking, showing the harm fostered by the current priorities -- we are still NOT reaching the people who have the resources to change the culture. They will always protect their own interests -- always buy politicians. Tell me about a model that will dethrone the wealthy who are in control?

  • Diana

    Outstanding. Pure wisdom and we can all do more using our imaginations. AMEN!

  • Diane

    We all need to want to do our part to change the world.

  • trenatee

    Get Greedy For Kindnes, for peaceful communication. (Makes Sense to me)

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  • Learn more about Hawah Kasat's non profit organization One Common Unity to help young people work for peace through the arts, social emotional learning, and conflict resolution. 
  • Read about 10 criteria to use when evaluating a nonprofit organization.  
  • Get "greedy" for kindness, for peaceful communication, for justice and for love. Do something today to make a difference. Don't settle for tomorrow!

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