This delightful video features several women and men who are facing the realities of aging with humor and vitality. They talk about the advantages that aging has brought to their lives, including the loss of inhibitions, learning new things, and focusing on what they enjoy. They are full of life, curiosity and passion. As one gentleman states, "Getting old is out. Getting older is better."


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  • Margaret

    I am so happy I heard this pod cast because it is so positive and uplifting which I need at this time in my life.😀

  • Elza

    Love hearing these positive people. Thank You

  • Elizabeth Julia Stoumen

    I resonate with all the comments below. Thank you for making this video available to us (i am 69 years of age)

  • Ra

    Life is too serious to be taken seriously. This video reminded me of that! With gratitude from a young (68) Elder!

  • Margot

    Love this at my age of 73 and hope to at 103 as well🥰

  • Shanthala Mallya

    Loved their perspective of loving themselves and being at peace with themselves. They r lucky 🌷

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Love the energy, humor, upbeat attitudes! Here's to aging however one wishes!

  • Irving

    Watching and hearing humour from older people!!

  • Brian

    Thanks so much for sharing...Here's to our Senior Community...A treasure...Getting older, not just getting old...Take care. Peace

  • Brenda

    For someone close to 50, seeing this is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for this delightful video.

  • Mish

    At age 76, I agree with much of what they said about aging. A good sense of humor, spirit, a mischievous inner child all keep me young at heart. Lots of “sitting back & watching the show (of life) 😉

  • Johanna van Gelder

    It uplifted my heart and inspired me to continue to go for the things that are meaningful to me, and to keep exploring.

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