This animated short film is based on the true story of a little girl in Brazil who visited an orphanage with her mother to bring gifts to the children living there. Her yellow umbrella stirs memories for one little boy of a life and loved ones now lost to him. The revealing of his story touches the little girl, teaching her empathy and kindness. She gives him a gift from her heart that he grows up to repay with his own acts of kindness.


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  • Elza

    such a beautiful story. It is always rewarding to give.

  • Jerry Bruns, MD

    Tears of compassion and connection to the real world. Thanks

  • Guillermina

    Deep trust in human kindness!

  • B

    Let us slow down to listen to someone’s story, and we shall truly “see” them. Bs

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Oh the connection and compassion that happens when we listen to each other's lived experiences and stories. So moving. Thank you.

  • Nancy

    The ultimate love expressed. It brought me to tears.

  • MI

    Thank you for moving hearts and souls through this masterfully created piece!

  • Ed

    Thank you! This was beautifully conceived and brought to life. Thought provoking, wonderfully conveyed through exceptional animation. Nothing is worth anything if not used to make someone else happy.

  • Tiffany

    Loved this. The power of Love and kindness. The umbrella providing safety, connection, and shelter. We all need and deserve that. 💖🙏

  • ishmael

    I cannot remember a time when something has touched my soul so deeply that the tears flowed throughout this beautiful short film. I will be sharing.

  • Lis Cox

    Lovely, beautiful story and animation.

  • Tim Serban

    The beautiful way his tears became the memories when it landed on the paper and how it flowed from moment to moment a story of loss, love and longing. When every tightly-held treasure becomes a gift again, when it is given away! Truly beautifully done down to the very detail. I will share it with my family tonight.

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  • Discover the true story behind the making of this film.
  • Explore meditations on kindness gathered over 2000 years. 
  • Make an intention to add more acts of kindness to your daily life, and strive to live into that intention.

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