Discover the awe-inspiring journey of healing and perseverance of renowned ecologist, Nalini Nadkarni, as she investigates the impact of ecological disturbances on the rainforest canopy and parallels this exploration with her own life. From surviving a near-death fall to a lifelong commitment to unearthing the secrets of the forest, Nalini personifies resilience and communion with a life force greater than ourselves. Underscoring the fascinating interplay of disturbance, recovery, and the profound lessons one can glean from trees, her story beautifully combines the intriguing blend of science, survival, and the healing capacity of nature.


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  • savita

    her courage and reseilence

  • Jennifer Allen

    PS When Nalini asks who she is (after her accident) my response is, you are and always have been a voice for the trees.

  • Jennifer Allen

    My heart was expanded throughout this beautiful film. Nalini’s deep love, respect and connection with the trees made me long for that same possible relationship for all of us. Interesting how the broken places in us are salved by nature and can inspire us to be and do more. Nalini’s recovery and return show us the deep love and courage that runs through her delicate frame. Her candour and vulnerability are so beautiful. Thank you. I am so grateful.

  • Joellen Reichenbach

    Thanks for loving the trees. You are an inspiration we all can learn from. Thank you.

  • Leaf

    I agree with the other two comments. Nalini inspires me. She is my new hero. And her love of trees mirrors mine though she is far more fluent in the language of trees than I am. I love this film. Thank you so much for making it available.

  • Rosa

    increadible inspiration to learn from. Her dialogues with her child.... her relationship with nature, everything profoundly moving! Thank you

  • Diane

    I was inspired from the very beginning. The connection between trees and humans being damaged makes so much sense as everything is connected, we just forget that. Profoundly moving on many levels.

  • Lulu

    Wow! I’m going to send to my siblings who love trees! I’m tearing up!

  • Mircan

    Metaphorically, the fact that trees are negatively affected by external disturbances but can still heal completely matches her and her experiences. She turned into a tree. She is like a vibrant tree, a true inspiration, an awe. Hats off..

  • Margaret

    Brilliant, courageous, determined. What an inspiration she is!

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  • Get to know the life and work of Nalini Nadkarni.
  • Like Nalini, many children must create ways to survive traumatic disturbances of dysfunctional families. There is a recovery fellowship, a sanctuary and path of 12 Step recovery.
  • What being is your sanctuary in this human existence between earth and sky? Honor that being in some way.

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