Danny Hillis worked as a computer engineer during the heyday of making things go faster and faster. He built some of the fastest super computers in the world. Then, one day he realized he needed to "slow down, stretch out and think on a different time scale". His clock of the Long Now project connects him to time on a mind expanding scale.


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  • Katherine Hahn

    I'm filled with certain excitement.

  • Dorothea Muller

    The optimism. So refreshing. Thank you.

  • Anne

    Let’s hope we live up to Danny’s optimism.

  • Cindy

    Amazing ambition and wonderful to be able to pull it off with so much help and enthusiasm. I do wish they had mentioned where the funding came from, where it's located, and if it's open to the public.

  • LoWell Brook

    Beautiful idea, beautiful presentation, inspiring perspective, lovely believable humans. Wish there were a woman portrayed... hard to believe there wasn't one involved.

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  • Intrigued? Dive into the idea of the long now and a clock to last ten thousand years.
  • Listen to a deeper talk from Danny about the Clock of the Long Now.
  • Slow down. Stretch out. Think on a different time scale. Act as if your capacity to deal with the future is great.

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